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Knightfall - Faith - Advance Preview + Teasers

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UPDATE 8th April - Correct teasers filled in

Landry made great strides towards bringing his team of initiates together during the wall climbing test last week, earning themselves one of taskmaster Talus’ rare smiles for their efforts, but then it all went downhill from there. In an attempt to cover for Rhone’s illicit prayer scroll hoarding, he earned them all the unwelcoming task of tree logging outside the Templar walls, which in itself was innocent enough and should have only served to bring the small band of men even closer together as a unit. However, it was his reaction to hearing trouble afoot whilst on this task that has became the catalyst for a situation that he and his brothers have still not fully comprehended.

Losing Quentin in the initial scrap because his team of initiates were not quite ready to stick in formation under the stress of attack was fully on him, and he is going to own it. It is the news that his close friend Draper and the other knights he went out scouting with that were also felled which comes as an even larger blow though, and it sets Landry on course to attempt to right his previous mistakes in this week’s episode. But even after all this, the Templar’s still won’t realise the full extent of what they have been drawn into and who the real enemy is. The missing uniforms that have been stripped from their fallen brothers which are being used by their murderers to carry out further heinous deeds in the name of their charter is something they won’t become aware of for quite some time yet.

Aside from this task which Philip has given his son being abominable, its biblical nature possibly harks back to a couple of hints that were thrown out last season of Landry being the Holy Grail. The parallel to Herod’s Massacre of the Innocents cannot be ignored, with Eve’s safety at the nunnery being vague at present as we simply do not know if her baptism is mentioned on any public document. I lean towards her being fairly well hidden for now due to Tancrede’s knowledge surrounding the Grail and de Nogaret’s slaughter of Boniface, the only other person who may have been told the truth. But this only holds if these speculative suggestions are in fact correct, and I don’t see us being let in on too much more of this possible historical fantasy element just yet when there is so much else threatening the Templar’s right now.

As I hinted at last week in my teaser for this episode, Louis’ future wife, Margaret the Princess of Burgundy (Clementine Nicholson), arrives at court and is settled into Joan’s old quarters by the prince. I’m sure that other living arrangements may have been more suitable as it’s possible that they contribute to a certain problem that arises between the pair. Although the fact that Louis is donning the stolen Templar uniforms to carrying out his father’s monstrous mission to wipe out all the babies born in the parish through the last few months could well be the larger sticking point here. It’s not a secret he can exactly share with the woman in his life either, so the burden is all on him and in private at least, he’s not coping as well as he would like to think he is.

Margaret’s meeting with Isabella is very telling, the two princesses could not be more different and I have absolutely no difficulty in believing that the latter is going to be living up to her wolf epitaph before too long. The most notorious incidence between the two is of course the Tour de Nesle affair, which historically didn’t happen until after Isabella was over the Channel, yet part of me wonders if we could see this moved up to before we see her wed to Edward.

I would prefer that the show doesn’t try to cram so much history into such a short period of time myself though. With the Friday 13th events seemingly taking place before the end of this season, it may be possible that we see part of the plot move with Isabella over to the English court next season, which I think could be a fantastic way to broaden the scope of the story in a positive way. The royal intrigue is one of the more compelling sides to the tale at present, so I would be all for bringing in a second, connected royal household, especially one as appealing as Edward’s. Having the siblings on their prospective thrones either side of the narrow sea would also make for great television, and a more appropriate time for Isabella to make her accusations against her sister-in-law if we are going to play a little loose with the timing of the supposed affair.

Faith airs on Monday 8th April at 10pm on History. Below are some teasers to see you through until then, as usual, if you want to have a guess at who said what to who I will fill in any correct answers before air time. Don’t forget to come back afterwards to vote in our poll and discus your thoughts on the episode.

“A half man against Landry. You talk of some great warrior and this is what greets me, a former Templar incapable of standing erect" King Philip to de Nogaret

“Death is never your choice to make. Only God decides whether we live or die”

“Do you think those who did these horrible things can ever be forgiven by God?”

“If I have to become the enemy to prove that my initiate brothers aren’t ready then that is the role I will take every time. I suggest you do the same” Landry to Talus

“In light of this tragedy, I believe there might be a way for us both to benefit”

“You’re still grieving. In time, your heart will heal and we will have a son who will one day be the King of France” Princess Margaret to Prince Louis

“Any man who dies defending God’s will die a noble death. Never forget that” Talus to Landry

Last week it was Joan’s wardrobe that Philip burned, this week it’s her throne that becomes firewood

“Men, playing at doing important things and leaving us to clean up after their messes and suffer the consequences” Princess Isabella to Princess Margaret

“It’s only half a day’s ride from here. Those heretics will pay for their depravity” Tancrede to Landry

“According to this baptism scroll your son, Estienne, was baptised at the Holy Church of Virgin. I don’t know why Father Valentin would make that up”

It looks like we are skipping over Benedict XI brief Papacy and going straight on to Archbishop Raymond de Got’s one instead

Equal Before God Teaser

“Alone, you will not stand a chance against the Templars. But together, in the name of our king, we will destroy them!” Gawain to French militia

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