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Empire - A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child and Never Doubt Love - Review

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Empire's fifth season is heading to an end, and these two episodes were full of twists. Let's summarized what happened in "A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child" and "Never Doubt Love".

In the first episode, the situation doesn't look better for Andre's health. During an event organized by Teri, he gets worse. While Lucious is trying to fix his relationship with Kingsley, he is still working in with Agent Conway and the Feds to take him down. I like how Lucious finally realized that he needs to make amends, but in Empire's fashion is not easy. Lucious also pays a visit to Tracy to the hospital, but Kingsley comes and demands to discover the truth about what happened. They have an intense conversation, and finally, Kingsley decides to come clean with his father and reveals that he is collaborating with the police.

In the meanwhile, Cookie finds some solace in Damon. After reuniting, Jamal and Kai decide to push up their wedding date. The episode ends with a positive note: Kingsley joins the Lyons for dinner and he is not given him such a warm welcome but try to keep the peace, considering that Andre is getting better. While Kingsley has stopped fighting against Lucious, the same can not be said of Conway.

In the second episode "Never Doubt Love", Jamal and Kai's wedding day is close. Lucious is not comfortable with Jamal's suggestion that he and Cookie walk him down the aisle. They all have a dinner Lyon house, and their respective parents meet.

Becky decides to throw Jamal a bachelor party and Andre invites Kingsley to make amends. Jamal and Hakeem are really suspicious about Kingsley's motifs, but in the end, they try to start anew. On Jamal and Kai's wedding day, Lucious gets arrested and interrogated. Damon arrives at the wedding and this leads to the exposure of their secret. Lucious makes it and the wedding is the perfect celebration of love.

Clearly, the drama is coming right after. At the reception, Teri reveals to Cookie that she is pregnant. Andre talks with his father and gives out a shocking secret: he is dying because of chemo, and he wants to commit suicide.

That's all for another crazy wedding. I enjoyed both these episodes and I'm curious about what's next for the final two. Will we see Jamal again? What do you think of these two episodes?

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