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You're The Worst - A Very Good Boy & This Brief Fermata - Double Review: Impressed

"Don't fuck this up!"

In "A Very Good Boy" we're presented with two things that could forever alter our protagonists' lives. Gretchen has a meeting with her boss that makes her question everything when she says that after faking it all this time she might have actually become good at her job which makes her actually want to do it right for the first time in her life. The scene where her boss tells her that if she actually tried she would be unstoppable and Gretchen almost falls apart given how she never got that kind of approval from her parents.

Meanwhile, Edgar and Lindsay decide to give dating a shot before realizing they both reserved love and they won't get it if they keep hooking up. Jimmy, on his part, has a strong reaction to one of Gretchen's comments that leads him down a dangerous path, she says he's a stable guy and he acts like she just called him the worst insult ever, this takes him down a rabbit hole of trying to be unpredictable all day and leads to him realizing being the man he thought he was before has no value if it will stop him from evolving as a person, but not before getting a blowjob from the wedding florist.

After that, in "This Brief Fermata" Jimmy decides to try and get rid of his guilt by proposing Fuck Week a period before they get married where they get to hook up with whomever they want to. Lindsay is excited to go "day-dicking" with her BFF but when the new guys Gretchen wants to sign Knock Knock, proves to be harder than she thought, she ends up putting all that effort there and ignoring Fuck Week even though Jimmy spends all of it trying to make her jealous by pretending to date around.

When she's finally signed Knock, Knock by promising a collab with Sam and the guys, she tries to go with Lindsay to a bar but realizes all she wants is to celebrate with Jimmy, only to realize he's not home so the next day she does go meet up with some guy. Then look on Jimmy's face when he realizes she hasn't been with anyone else all week but she was pushed to it by his attempts to make her jealous was heartbreaking, he royally screwed up for sure.

When she finally returns he comes clean, and she feels so cheated, rightfully so, it's not even about the blowjob, is about how he handled it, not only by hiding what happened but by lying to her all week and manipulating her into screwing someone else, something she didn't really feel like doing. And now she feels disgusted about both of them and their marriage. we also see another flashforward where it looks like Gretchen gets ready to rest in a hotel room but without any booze, which surely indicates something, I just don't know exactly what.

What do you think the flash-forward means?

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