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The Good Fight - The One Inspired by the Recent Troubles - Review: "Non-Disclosures"

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After a loooong year, The Good Fight is finally back to keep fighting. If you recall, last time on The Good Fight Diane and Kurt got back together, Liz's father died, Reddick, Boseman, and Lockhart accidentally protected Tom and Jerry's sexual indiscretions, and Diane got damaging information about Trump from an actual deep throat, a porn star.

Carl Reddick was a bad, bad man

The premiere starts off with Marissa and Jay doing a documentary on Carl Reddick, deceased senior partner of the law firm and major Civil Rights activist. He's a hero to the African-American community and the firm plans to use that to rebrand their firm to make it more up-to-date with today's especially politically conscious society. Marissa and Jay interview several people to get them to say nice things about Carl, which works until they get to his former secretary, Cynthia, who reveals she was sexually harassed by Carl. This is not the kind of rebranding they want. Adrian asks Marissa and Jay to keep it to themselves until he can figure out what to do about this.

Adrian lets Diane in on it and they talk to the secretary. They are very diplomatic when talking to this woman, telling her fake generic business things like saying they'll do a sexual harassment seminar and blah blah blah. She knows it's all hooey to get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. But she's on board. Problem is, her daughter isn't. She was promised a pension by Carl, and the daughter wants her to get it. But that's a problem for the firm because they can't afford it. Not only that, but they break out into an argument about issues like believing women and hurting the image of an African-American Civil Rights icon. But Diane thinks they should just let the cat out of the bag, even if they might lose 40% of their clients. They're not part of it, but they will be part of it if they cover it up. But it was in Carl's contract to protect him from scandals, so that's a no-go. Then they have another problem in that someone else in the room reveals she was sexually harassed by Carl too.

For half of the episode, Adrian succeeds in protecting Liz from this scandal, but that protection is over when she finds and views the video of Cynthia's interview. She's devastated. She had no idea. She always thought he was gone half the time because he was fighting to save the world, but now she knows at least part of it was otherwise. She accuses Adrian of knowing and keeping it a secret. He later admits that he thought he might be having an affair, but had no idea he was raping women. After coming to terms with her father's bad behavior, she forces herself into the situation and gets involved with talking to Cynthia and the other victim. Cynthia ultimately agrees to sign the NDA, and the other woman doesn't need to sign one because she's not going to say anything anyway. She doesn't want to hurt the reputation of an African-American man, especially one as beloved as Carl.

Another wrench in this situation is thrown in by Naomi, the reporter who was sexually harassed by Adrian in law school some years ago, who was contacted by Cynthia's daughter. Jay talks to Naomi and finds out Naomi thinks it's about Adrian, not Carl. They think they're in the free and clear, but Naomi reveals she knows about Tom and Jerry, who used the firm to take down that revealing sexual harassers website from last season before they could be exposed for sexual harassment. So it ends up being that they keep the Carl situation quiet, but reveal to their clients about what happened with Tom and Jerry to keep on top of that.

Diane and Kurt and Eric and Don Jr.

Diane and Kurt are back together, but Diane is questioning their refound happiness almost immediately. That's further instigated by her discovery of a long hair on his jacket. Ruh Roh. She asks him who he went to the gun range with, and he's a bit sketchy with his answer of no. Later, Diane finds two plane tickets to go on a safari, and she's done. She packs up his things, ready to throw him out. After what Carl did, she's not sure she believes Kurt. And she shouldn't because he is lying. But he wasn't lying about another woman, it was that he went shooting with Eric and Don Jr. Diane's not sure if that's worse or better. But it wasn't that he wants to do it, but he's being paid to, and he can't turn it down.

Diane is pissed that the Trumps are now affecting her personally. She takes out her bat signal vase of flowers to contact Stormy Daniels Tara, the porn actress. Diane found a loophole in the actress' NDA with Donald Trump so Tara can reveal all that she knows. But Tara backs out later out of fear, so after one of the Trumps pulled a Dick Cheney and accidentally shot Kurt, making him sign an NDA to cover it up, Diane decides to leak Tara's story herself to Naomi.

Extra things:

Lucca is being promoted for rebranding reasons. She's being pushed into becoming a divorce lawyer. Thoughts?

Maya doesn't get to be involved in the rebranding. Maya isn't getting what she wants, so Marissa teaches her Jedi mind tricks to get people to do what she wants, and gives her sunglasses to channel these abilities through. It works. Are we about to see a new Maya?

The NDA animated short. Entertaining or pointless?

Naomi and Jay. There were totally sparks there, right?

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