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The Fix - Pilot - Review + POLL

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ABC aims to deliver a dramatic series that follows in the footsteps of the similar OJ Simpson trial. If the show feels eerily familiar, it was intended to be. Marcia Clark is one of the creators aka, the lead prosecutor in the OJ Simpson trial.

After FX's American Crime Story, one would think Clark was done with trying to re-frame her story but now she's trying her hand at a fictional retelling. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's the type of  story we need right now but I am intrigued by the legal thriller aspect of it all.

Eric McCandless/ABC
The story begins 8 years prior when Sevvy Johnson, a big-time celebrity actor, was accused of a double murder. The jury ruled him innocent and Maya Travis (played by Robin Tunney in the "Marcia" role of the show) felt as if her life crumbled in the aftermath. It was the big case she staked her entire career on and when it all went sideways, she escaped to a quiet farm life with her boyfriend.

But then, Maya gets her chance to rise from the proverbial ashes when another one of Sevvy's girlfriends, Jessica Meyer, winds up dead. In a case of history repeating itself, Maya is convinced they will nail him this time.

She is initially reluctant to take on the case. After looking into the investigation and finding a secret storage facility where Jessica recorded damning video messages documenting the abuse she took at Sevvy's hand, it was only going to be a matter of time before Maya became embroiled again.

Eric McCandless/ABC
Her team welcomes her back with open arms. Well, not all of her team. Clearly dismayed by Maya waltzing back into her old stomping grounds and easily snapping up the case,fellow prosecutor, Loni Kampoor, doesn't appreciate being benched. In a moment of revenge, she tips of Sevvy's lawyers about the video granting them a search warrant and Johnson has time to get a bag of things he doesn't want found out of the house.

As per the last time, Sevvy has enlisted the same defense attorney and is ready to defend his name against anything thrown at him. He even willingly walks into the police headquarters to allow them to question him without counsel, although the meeting doesn't go nearly as well as he'd hoped it would. At present, Sevvy is living with his kids, one of who was from his previous marriage.

His daughter Star, could prove to be his downfall as she clearly has doubts about her father's innocence. Sevvy met Jessica through Star, as she was her roommate in college. Ick. It is also Star who gives Maya access to Jessica's storage facility, unbeknownst to her father.

By episode end, Maya and Sevvy come face-to-face once more as she and her team execute their search warrant on his house. The message sent between them is plenty obvious: Game on.

New episodes of The Fix air Monday nights on ABC.

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