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The Enemy Within - The Ambassador's Wife - Review

Need a refresher? Read my recap of the previous episode here.

A new case has arisen that is need of Shepherd’s sharp mind to assist in solving it. There have been a string of coordinated attacks on DEA patrol boats in South America, particularly in areas with cartel activity, they believe the Moral
es cartel is responsible for the attacks.

But there is a catch! The only way the cartel could know the routes of the DEA patrols is if they were being fed information from a high-level government official. Tal is known for selling US intelligence to interested parties so it’s certainly his wheelhouse to have sold off maps of their pathways to the Morales.

Virginia Sherwood/NBC
Keaton pulls the dossiers on the only 20 people who have access to that information and gives it to Shepherd for her to identify the most likely source of the leak. She fingers Dennis Gordon, the US Ambassador to Columbia. She remembers a past case of bombings when Dennis Gordon kept Columbia from being the only place not to receive extra security afterwards because he didn’t view the cartel as a threat, because he was working for them all along.

The next goal becomes infiltrating Gordon’s home so they can gather evidence of treason. To do so, they decide to go through his wife. Shepherd is tasked with getting inside her head and convincing her to turn on her husband so they can plant a bug in his office. To do so, she uses a weapon she knows well, maternity.

Virginia Sherwood/NBC
By convincing his wife that Dennis is harming their son, inadvertently or not, and putting him in danger, she agrees to assist in the FBI investigation.

Things go sideways during the operation. First, she gets caught by her husband and in a panic, pulls a gun on him. The FBI are able to infiltrate before anyone gets hurt but it’s clear things escalated far past the point they should have. This is something that comes back to bite Keaton as his team is wary about his relationship with Shepherd and their growing dependency on her plans and knowledge.

Zain points out that’s how they do things (using a civilian as an agent, essentially) at the CIA, not at the FBI.

But for Erica’s work, she does get a phone call to her daughter. Hannah doesn’t answer but Erica leaves an impassioned message on her voicemail.

A new episode of The Enemy Within titled "Confessions" premieres March 18th on NBC.


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