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Supergirl - Whats So funny, About Truth , Justice and The American Way - Review : You can go your own way

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In this week’s episode ‘What’s So Funny about Truth, Justice and the American way’. You aren’t really given a lot to smile about as things turn decidedly darker for the girl of steel and those around her.
We do have two introductions as Team Elite, a band of Aliens (not sure of the origin of the odd job wannabe but he does have an inter-dimensional hat) and Supergirl and her Superfriends face off. It was also nice to see the interaction between Alex and Supergirl to something we have been missing.
We see J’onn suffering a crisis of faith and even Ben Lockwood having doubts which are soon squashed.

This week kicks off with a rather suspicious beggar attacking a prison guard. We find out more about this fellow later.
Kara talks to James and hands in another article about how irresponsible it is to have set Ben Lockwood free, Agent Liberty who we know committed murders seems to have been given a pardon for his crimes in what I am sure is a ploy by the President.
Kara seems flustered and even more so when Alex arrives and she has forgotten their lunch together, she also has double booked and has plans with Nia. Is this her attempt to let Alex live her life as she stated last week?
Alex exits after a rather awkward exchange with James about her overseeing Lena’s project.

Meanwhile Kara and Nia and the not so subtle Brain aka Brainy are off do a spot of training at the fortress of solitude no less. Nia is impressed but Brainy and Kalex 2(remember Supergirl had to blast her last one after it tried to kill her) don’t see eye to eye. Robot jealousy who knew.

Back in National City J’onn goes to visit Manchester and once again is blinded by his need to reach Manchester Black who has given into the darkness and revenge. Manchester and a strange prison guard in a bowler hat (no one noticed that I am sure!!!) overcome J’onn and I do wonder about J’onn’s detecting skills falling into an obvious trap.

Escaping the prison Manchester and his odd job wannabe buddy get stopped by Supergirl but he has another friend Menagerie from last weeks episode and a Morai (invisible Alien). With the help of the hat, which turns out is a dimensional portal, they escape.

Back at the fortress and Brainy is training Nia Niall but frustrations show as he won’t reveal much about her future. Paradoxes and all that type of thing.

Kara arrives back with J’onn and shows Nia and Brainy Manchester’s crew whom he calls the elite doing a video showing how they are fighting against suppression of Aliens and killing soldiers at a secret internment camp.
We also learn the Hat is fifth-dimensional energy which is untraceable.

Alex also learns she is unable to trace Manchester and his crew, but Hayley seems to sideline her into overseeing Lena’s work in the lab and getting her settled in. Yes, we know Alex has a biochemical degree which rarely gets used these days. Lena really shouldn’t have looked so surprised Alex worked out what she was doing.
Lena Luthor clearly does not trust the government but can she trust Alex?

Manchester had encoded a message only Supergirl could see in his video feed arranging a meet when his gang seems to have stopped for a little jewelry shopping at the Tower of London. Support is growing for the Elite and a war could soon be happening.

Ben Lockwood, however, seems to be more about politics shaking the Presidents hand and getting his photo taken even his followers doubting his resolve.

At The in Manchester ( not too sure where they got a take on English café or pub or whatever it's supposed to be ! You have English cast members ask them) Supergirl learns some disturbing news from Manchester that the government plans to launch a satellite that will blast alien spacecraft out the sky named operation claymore.

Nia sneakily asks Kalex for more information on her home world and species so it’s no surprise Brainy is a little annoyed when he sees her trying to astral project before she is ready. However, he realizes all the hero’s look before they leap and believes he can help her harness her new power.

Supergirl enraged by Manchester’s claims goes to talk to the President but he won't budge in fact he moves up the launch not realizing the Morai was hiding in the oval office. You would think with his agenda he would up his anti-alien security.

Conflicted Supergirl goes to the best person for help and advice, Alex and this is the first time they have had a proper heart to heart since the mind wipe as her alter ego. I love how they both stand hand on hips (a move she learned from Alex am sure). Alex seems to find the right words and quotes Kara back to Supergirl. Alex is smart can she not see it is her sister or has the mind wipe affected more than we know.

Manchester’s spy reports back and he is aware of the Satellites location and launch but Supergirl was sneaky and managed to place a tracker on one of the stolen gems. She takes her own team of Superfriends to fight the Elite, Nia’s harnessed new power comes in handy as Supergirl once again gets sideswiped…
Brainy has his hands full with our hat friend but loses his ring in the process. J’onn is about to get taken down by Manchester but Alex arrives choosing to support them (later she tells Supergirl she was never there) They all seem to forget one of the aliens in invisible and the Morai is busy setting the launch but not why you think it has a new target the White House.

Alex brought along the super suit (the one she wore to filter out the kryptonite so it can be used for space travel) but Manchester with the aid of the ring goes after Supergirl as she chases the Satellite. He is soon brought down by J’onn who seems to decide peace isn’t the path he can walk on. Manchester is whisked away by the Hat.

Supergirl has a choice and she moves the satellite to stop it blasting the White House but goes back and destroys it.

Once she is back on the ground, she thanks Alex for helping and we are treated to another great scene between these two. Alex unofficially will help out again when she believes it is right.

As Supergirl addressed the President she says destroying the satellite was the only way to save the White House. The President later appoints Ben Lockwood to Director of Alien Affairs (a post we know is free after the Menagerie murder last week).

Alex confronts Haley about operation claymore, and we learn she wasn’t aware of the Presidents plans he was clearly working against protocol. (I can guess what the writers are getting at by this).

Alex goes to speak to Lena and turns off the cameras. Lena knows Alex can be trusted and agrees to give her the proper tour as to what she is doing.

Kara sounds off at James when she learns about Ben Lockwood’s appointment and you can see James is conflicted about something himself. Mackenzie one of the new reporters has dirt about L Corp and James asks if her source will go on record. If he ever wanted a reconciliation with Lena this isn’t the way, but will he divulge anything Lena shared with him?

This episode we seemed to see a defeated Agent of Liberty and when a few fractions of the children of liberty meet we see one leader the same one as early in the episode who talks down to Ben. Ben snaps beating the man with a replica mask like his own. No one questions his authority now but maybe his sanity.

It was a jammed packed episode from start to finish despite a few niggles it was an all-around good episode from the emotional to the physical side. We also got a few digs at current political issues once more as the writers stated this season would reflect the world around us.

Ben Lockwood in power is going to ruffle a few feathers and capes and Supergirl thankfully doesn’t have to be alone on this one with her Superfriends. J’onn realizing he was raging his own battle comes full circle and Alex clearly isn’t going to toe the company line anymore. I adore the team of Nia and Brainy training and the friendship Nia has with Kara/ Supergirl. I did wonder how they would harness her powers and the results show us her potential to be a very powerful ally.

So, what were your thoughts regarding the Superfriends and the Elite?

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