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Supergirl - O' Brother , Where Art Thou ? - Review : Family Ties

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Supergirl 415

I have been reviewing Supergirl since season 2 and at times it has given me the 'wow' factor, this episode was one of those times. As always, I can critique a few little plot loopholes but in general, it was a fantastic episode.

Everyone has been anticipating the arrival of Lex Luthor and some were more than a little skeptical by the casting of Jon Cryer in the role, Superman fans of old will remember his last outing as a Luthor… something we all have tried to forget. This time his performance is spot on, I am pleased to say his Lex gave me chills. The other highlight of this episode was the shocking reveals at the end that were brilliantly executed but if you are like me and have been watching closely the writing was there for a while.
As well as Introducing Lex we also get to meet James sister Kelly Olsen played by Azie Tesfai. I am sure fans were thinking what sister? when they heard of her casting as nothing has been mentioned about her before. It is explained away in an offhanded manner and I am interested to see where this new character goes, last week it was reported she has been promoted to a season 5 regular.

To start this episode, we are given a chilling look back four years in Metropolis and to Lex’s maniacal plan to give the Earth a red sun, in turn killing millions of people in the hope to rid the world of Superman. Lena looks on tied to a chair by her brother and unable to stop his killing spree. After a storming of the building, Lex is arrested and we return to the present day. Lena has a visitor at the Luthor mansion and its Lex on a very well-guarded medical transport.

At CATCO James watch alert is pressed by what we assume is the shooter as James is unconscious. Supergirl fly’s out of bed and to James in a nanosecond only to find him unconscious and bleeding on the floor.

As there is a Luthor reunion we hear Lex is dying, too much playing around with radioactive materials in his bid to destroy Superman. Eve comes in and tells Lena James has been shot.

As Lena arrives at the hospital, she seems sketchy on the details having only been told there was a shooting at CATCO and is relieved to see Kara is ok. Lena and Alex talk and Alex knows the Haranel that Lena has been working on may be James only chance as best-case scenario he will be paralyzed as he was shot with a hollow point bullet. It caused a lot of damage, we have heard of this bullet before so instantly my suspicions about why he was shot were confirmed.

J’onn is convinced it was Manchester who shot James due to his threat last week Kara agrees to help J’onn find him, telling Alex she is off to CATCO. Her excuses are flimsy at best and I do wonder how much longer she can hide the truth from Alex.

Lena heads back to the Luthor mansion and asks Lex’s help with the Haranel (Black Kryptonite) to save James. Now we know he won’t be doing it for James as he isn’t about to test the Haranel on himself and like we learned earlier he is dying.

As James is placed in a medically induced Coma the Super Friends blame themselves. Alex steps up to act as next of kin but James sister arrives asking where Kara is. Yep, Alex that shocked face look the audience was right there with you.

Kara is helping J’onn on his tracking Manchester quest. Manchester is clearly batting J’onn once again. The mind meld gave them a two-way link and he saw the staff /weapon that J’onn retrieved from Mars. His father died using the Staff to save Earth last year. Manchester finds it and promises to use it as the Prophet did to bring vengeance on those who wronged him.

Alex tries to convince Kelly James sister Lena may have an answer other than surgery, the surgery is risky and could leave him paralyzed. Alex also knows Kara lied about her whereabouts and the sisters have words.
Alex and Kelly make up over jello later in the episode as Alex learns more about James sibling.

J’onn meanwhile gets a disturbing vision of zombie versions of Alex and Kara from Manchester.

At the Luther mansion, Lex has pushed Lena and she accuses him of belittling her. He tells her she has always been more brilliant than he was, and he also shares a story about how her mother was kind to him during a sad time when he was young. Lex also is clearly running out of time as is James.

Kara heads back to the hospital and its soon make up time for the Danvers sisters who can’t be mad at each other for long. Alex knows Kara couldn’t bear to just wait around for news. We also see a very touching moment occur between Brainy and Nia. Brainy clearly hasn’t boxed his emotions this time as we learned previously James and he have become friends. Nia also berated herself earlier as her dreams failed her as she didn’t see James’s shooting.

Just as James is in surgery the power goes out... shocker. J’onn believes Manchester’s use of the staff at the dam which generates the cities power is to blame.

Supergirl and J’onn head off to stop Manchester as Alex once again begs Kelly to ask Lena for help. Miss Teschmacher eavesdropping has the serum to hand and seems to be everywhere this episode.
Lena orders the doctors out as she injects James just as he flatlines saving his life. His wounds miraculously healing.

Supergirl must keep plugging holes in the dam as J’onn and Manchester fight but by showing J’onn the destruction of his family he finally pushes the Martian Manhunter too far. J’onn gets the staff and vaporizes Manchester. Clearly, he hasn’t chosen the peaceful path, Manchester wanted him to become the Martian Manhunter again but why?

As everyone sees a very well looking James, Lena excuses herself to return to the mansion.

Brainy tries to brush off his kiss to Nia, maybe using a quote from the movie Speed wasn’t the best way. ‘ I heard relationships based on intense experiences never work’
There certainly seems to be more box building coming from Brainy

Speaking of pushing love away we also learned in this episode Lena pushed James away to hide her involvement with her working with Lex.

Back to the Luthor Mansion and you know Lena is going in there knowing Lex has been plotting like always.

Lex is sat in a chair (Not wheelchar like earlier) looking a little smug, Lena worked out he caused the power outage at the hospital using the Manchester attack on the dam as an excuse. Lex also admits he had James shot as well to push Lena into finding the cure in the Haranel, which he needs, of course, Lena refused to give it to him but it’s too late he already has been given the cure.
The guard isn’t a guard but has a holographic inducer to cover his identity, he is, in fact, Otis Graves.
The big shocker is Eve, no longer the sweet girl we have all come to know. It also gave my heart a little leap with glee as Lex shouts ‘MISS TESSSHMACHEEERRR!’. Eve ruthlessly shoots a guard and turns her gun on Lena without a flicker of emotion. Bravo to Andrea Brooks who plays Eve, I always thought with that name there was more to this lady than meets the eye and can’t wait for a future episode where I am sure we will learn more.

Now we may think Lex wants to Kill Lena but even if others’ lives don’t matter, he seems to have a small affection for his sister. Lex leaves Lena and Eve taking Otis with him as he heads out using the mansion's defense system to eliminate the guards. (Remember last year Lena said it was built like a fortress when Alex and Samantha hid there from Reign.)

As Lex attempts to fly off in the medical chopper with Otis Graves Supergirl flies in their path...

Now we must wait until Sunday and an episode that might give some insight into what Lex has been up too. We also get to see Red daughter too.

Questions there are a few: -

So, Manchester is he really dead, could it be another trick somehow?

J’onn clearly will struggle with his decision to kill Manchester breaking his peaceful. There are bound to be consequences

Lena seems to be a bit tied up and I wonder if Supergirl can save her from her murderous former assistant who clearly has been on Lex’s payroll all along.
In fact, Lex has been pulling a lot of strings maybe even as high up as the White House, after all, he got Lena the DEO contract. He might also be somehow linked to a few other foes that a heading Supergirl’s way and what about the Children of Liberty?

One of the main highlights for me this episode were the interactions between Lena and Lex. While he did use her for his own ends, he clearly has a respect for her. Like he says I came from the darkness and you came from the light.
My only disappointment was while they were working, I half expected the chewing gum wrapper speech.
“Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story; others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe.”
Lex Luthor, Superman 1978

Maybe it will be used in the future

So, did you like the new Lex?

How do you think James sister will fit in?

What do you make of Eve’s betrayal?

Please post in the comments below.

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