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SMILF - Smile More if Lying Fails / Sex Makes it Less Formal - Review

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By now, you've all heard that season 2 will be SMILF's last. I dn't think anyone is particularly surprised, considering it was never a ratings or critical hit, and the allegations that came out right before season 2 started airing were concerning to say the least. That said, a few episodes have yet to air and hopefully SMILF will end on a high note (or as high as it can, because for a comedy it's often quite dire).

Since for work/life reasons I didn't have time to watch last week's episode on time, this recap will combine next week's episode too, and it's not too bad of a fit since both episodes cover Bridgette's reaction to Nelson and Rafi getting married. So let's catch up with the SMILF family!

Bridgette is a mess, but an endearing mess

Why anyone would want to ruin Larry's beautiful curls by giving him cornrows is anyone's guess, but why Bridgette would also get some is especially baffling. Her hair choices have definitely been questionable in season 2, but her and Larry suffering together through the hair pulling was quite heart-warming. She always treats him like an equal, and despite her flaws she's a pretty good mom.

Freshly cornrowed, she meets up with Rafi and Nelson who have an announcement to make. Unknowingly, Bridgette spurred on Rafi's proposal by telling him how good he had it with Nelson when he came complaining about being a kept boyfriend and having basically no expenses (I know, the audacity). She's always been supportive of their relationship even if she doesn't always agree with Nelson's ways with Larry, and while you can definitely see she wasn't expecting such a commitment so soon, she's a good sport about it... until it becomes clear they want Larry at the wedding, but not Bridgette.

On some level I get it, it would be awkward to have your ex show up at your wedding, when Rafi's family knows her and while they're on good terms, it could be seen as weird. On the other, is such a young child, it's not like he's 18 and able to go on his own. It would be really strange for him to go sans his mom. Aside from the Larry factor, Bridgette has always been pretty close to them both and especially Rafi and obviously, it's a blow that stings.

She rallies though, and throws Rafi a bachelor party he won't be forgetting soon. I can't believe she went there (actually, I can, but you know what I mean), how incredibly awkward would it be to have your ex throw you an inflatable doll/stripper themed party for your new relationship?! But it's a testament to Bridgette's friendliness, especially when she gives that heartfelt toast about how she's seen him at his worst and best, and he's a good dad. At least until it starts to get weird and Rafi is drinking again (uhoh) and she's trying to replace the (late) stripper and finds out Rafi spent $4000 dollars on a ring instead of a preschool (which may or may not feature an elephant) for Larry.

In the end though, Rafi wants her at the wedding and she should go.

Eliza is a mystery, but one I want to know more about please

Things I didn't know about Eliza: she gets panic attacks. She belongs to Overeaters Anonymous (can I join?). She's taking the MCATs.
So far, Eliza has kept most of her life pretty separate from her friendship with Bridgette, which is understandable when you see Bridgette and her cornrows try to fit in with Eliza's family and, well, fail. Still, I think she could learn and they're such good friends that Eliza does tell her she's family too at the end. Honestly, I'd watch a show about Eliza's life & family and I would have enjoyed an invitation to that barbecue.

Who else would Bridgette text (or try to) when she has terrible sex with Tattoo Artist Guy (yes, the very same one she stood up a few episodes ago when she was having dinner with Ally. Who, might I add, hasn't been seen in weeks and WHAT GIVES?!). TAG was surprisingly forward and as Bridgette put it, porny, and I would've run out of there as soon as he started talking about cheese-smelling vaginas and mispronounced cornichons to the point both Bridgette and I thought he was talking about cornish game hens. And FYI, your American big pickles taste so much better than our little fancy ones, trust me. You're not losing on anything. For a show that features it so much, sex is always painfully, well... unsexy on this show. Which is a more real depiction than candle-light trists I suppose, but sometimes it would be nice if people actually seemed to enjoy themselves. Still, at least Bridge got a quesadilla out of it, and Eliza met up with her afterwards and called her family so, all in all: a win. Which brings me to...

Nelson is getting cold feet (or at least wet feet)

For two people who are about to get married, and I do mean about since the dress is ready and the family's in town, disturbing bachelor parties are in full swing, etc. Rafi and Nelson seem to be having some misgivings about the whole thing. Or not misgivings exactly, but both of them seem a little worried. But what do I know, maybe addicts started to drink again and brides to be having a panic attack in their wedding dress and ending up crying in the bathtub is par for the course for newlyweds-to-be.

I do think they will get married, and Nelson's family ends up being surprisingly heartwarming after a rough start. It happens to feature Claudia O'Doherty, who was my favorite (and honestly, only) thing about Netflix show: Love, who is never not a delight. In addition to the Eliza spin off, let's have a Nelson, Winnie and Enid one too. Melanie Griffith was great, please have her join more stuff, TV World! Speaking of moms...

Tutu misses Derek Shepherd and so do I

I do love a good reference to another show I love while I'm watching TV, and this one didn't disappoint. Although I don't really miss Derek right now since I'm rewatching Grey's and he's still alive, I KNOW what's to come and I don't want it. That and Christina leaving, what the hell! Back to SMILF though, Tutu is pottering around (key word: pot) with Aunt Jacquie and still grieving over Joe in what I can only assume is the dead of summer in Boston. Who knew all American homes did not feature AC? Every time I go over there they blast it on even in mid-winter, so what gives? There doesn't seem to be any talk about Tutu having to leave the premisces either, so I guess Joe's son backed off. Hopefully she keeps her home, because seeing how Bridgette throws expensive bachelor parties when two episodes ago she needed government help to buy food, I really don't think this is going to end well for her living situation.

All in all, two quite heart-warming episodes (aside from the obvious), that really showed Bridgette's softer side and how much she cares for and needs the people in her life. As Bridgette put it, at least now one of Larry's parental units isn't dysfunctionnal anymore (or is it), so will Bridgette find stability too? (Not with Tattoo Artist Guy though Bridge, please).
What did you guys think? Will Nelson and Rafi elope or not get married at all? Will Ally and her Birkin Bag make a reappearance? When will Eliza get her own episode?? Ahhh, so many questions, so few episodes left.
Tune in next week to see how it turns out!

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