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SMILF - Should Mothers Incur Loss Financially? - Review

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As we dive into the second half of SMILF's season 2, it's clear Bridgette is (finally) trying to get her life together, starting with getting the holy grail of adulthood: a job. Full disclaimer: I don't think I've ever used "incur" in a sentence so I'm glad I'm learning both vocabulary and accounting in this episode.

10 very important thoughts I had during SMILF's 6th episode

1. I've always wondered how Bridgette handled her money and how she could afford some seemingly not primordial stuff and yet not be able to buy food. This episode delves into just that, and it's true when you start determining where you're spending, it all piles up incredibly quickly. Then again, Bridgette doesn't really seem to have a great grasp upon where she could save. I mean a bunny...? In this economy?!

2. How does the recruiter know Bridgette has a kid? Do you have to mention it on your résumé? This feels like discrimination, I mean sure employers will want to know but if she doesn't let it disturb her work life, there shouldn't be a reason to have to disclose it, right? That said, knowing Bridgette, she does let it disturb her work ethic so... I get it. But HYPOTHETICALLY, you know? Do you also have to mention pets? One of my coworkers has a sick dog and she's had to take time off, so it counts. I like being home early, should I mention I'm a TV show addict and need my downtime in the evenings?


"I get it, I don't really wanna be me, either."
Join the club Bridge, I don't think anyone can say that at one point in their life they didn't wonder how they'd come to be there and how they could change things. I for one, would enjoy a nice vacation somewhere sunny with a pool. What I like about Bridgette is her honesty, she tells it like it is and it's not always pretty but she doesn't shy away from her reality.

4. Little Larry's dearest wish, if his mom had money, would be to have a pony. A rainbow pony, to be exact. Well, don't we all, kid! Still, it's nice to see that child is still innocent enough to want this kind of gift. Hike up that pet budget though, because let me tell you if the bunny isn't cheap maintenance, the pony is going to be a whole other story. Maybe Bridgette could use it as transportation though, and it does quite fit in the horse theme this season has set up. Give me the rainbow pony over Kevin Bacon's Pegasus any day.

5. On one hand, I'm glad Bridgette filed for that government aid, even if Tutu was disapproving, to say the least. But then she immediately ruins it by trying to buy stuff the food stamps don't cover and thinking Tutu will bail her out. It's normal and human to count on your parents, I once called my mom from New Orleans because all my flights were cancelled and I couldn't get back home to France, even though she couldn't do anything it made me feel better to have her on the phone (finally catching a miracle flight the next day, even though my suitcase didn't follow, also felt good let me tell you). But Bridgette isn't a teen anymore and Tutu is just doing her best to teach her to be responsible.

6. Nelson and Rafi's relationship is one of the most enjoyable dynamics on the show. Even when you lean that Nelson basically pays for everything, including Larry's food and Rafi's just... there, enjoying it and buying himself some boxing equipment. All while not even being there to let the plumber in and Nelson can't even wash her hair anymore. Now let me tell you, I can handle showering at the gym but if she thinks her hair looked ratty, she should see mine when it hasn't been conditionned and blow dried to an inch of its life. And yet she stays calm, she barely even berates Rafi, who takes off in a huff anyway. He does NOT know how good he has it, which Bridgette is prompt to point out when he comes complaining.

7. For someone who judges Bridgette a whole lot for asking for government help, it turns out Tutu was living inside Joe's house with no legal claim on it (kind of like Rafi at Nelson's condo, and what with their crusade to baptize Larry... Maybe Rafi and Tutu have more in common than we ever thought!). Maybe Tutu will finally accept Jacquie's offer to move to Martha's Vineyard for the summer (and if not, I will gladly take her place).

8. Tutu did WHAT to that chicken?! I'm the first to admit I have this... thing with germs, in that I will wear gloves even until it isn't socially acceptable because of the cold weather to avoid touching even a millimiter of subway equipment, but surely picking up a chicken that was thrown first on a man's chest (who knows where that's been) and then fell on the floor, is considered unhealthy by ANYONE?! And she just dumps. It back. In the plate. *insert shrieking here* (It did seem like a very nice chicken though Tutu, I agree Joe's son seems like kind of an ass)

9. Aw, Rafi offering to wash Nelson's hair was actually really sweet. Granted, I'm not 100% sure them getting married is going to happen, or last, but they do seem happy and she's very supportive. She's also great with Larry, and she seems to be a good balance for Rafi so I'm in. I wonder how Bridgette will react though.

10. Favorite exchange of the episode:
“I stole from Ally.”
“Well honey, she’ll probably never notice.”
After stealing what looked like the entire contents of Ally's fridge, plus some miscellaneous items such as nail polish and a kettle, Bridgette flees to Tutu's. Who is undoubtedly right, Ally is far too busy parading that Birkin bag around to notice half her kitchen is missing.

Tutu and Bridgette's relationship isn't always simple, but in the end they truly care about each other and their respective wishes for each other were really heartfelt at the end. Now, on to more important musings: do we think the rainbow pony has an actual rainbow coat (as in striped) OR that it's like the Wizard of Oz horse and its coat actually changes colors as time goes by? You have 4 hours.
See you all next week!

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