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Single Parents - Win a Lunch with KZOP's Will Cooper! - Review

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Poppy and Rory are trying to find the perfect items to give away at the school's annual silent auction but they're missing a "big ticket" item. Until (still bearded, thanks TV Gods) Will Cooper shows up. What better way to earn money than by auctioning off a lunch with a local celebrity? Will's status has ticked upwards lately with Guy McCormick being in rehab sick and Will due to fill-in for the next 28 days and counting.

The problem is, as Sophie points out, Will is in a precarious position with his self-esteem at the moment. It's a lubricated pendulum, as she describes it, one second he's high and the next he's low. When no one bids on Will at the auction, Sophie encourages Poppy to put someone down on the list so his hopes aren't crushed. In a panic, Poppy writes Dr. Biscuits name on the line.

Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC
Then she recruits him to play the role of a Will Cooper superfan, but he does too good a job and Will quickly becomes full of himself, requesting burger straws and mistakenly identifying Winebrary patrons for other fans of his. Poppy is forced to put Will down gently and tell him the truth about Biscuits.

At the end of the day, Will has to realize it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Only his opinion matters. Plus he'll always have at least one superfan in the shape of his ever adorable daughter, Sophie.

Also contributing to the auction is Poppy, whose idea of a great item is a gift card with an indeterminable amount of cash on it. She's used to freely throwing cash around since she has a "convenience tax" added to her monthly budget. You know, for when you need coffee multiples times a day or you park illegally or you're too lazy to go to the grocery store and the gas station so you just buy overpriced gas station milk. Aghast at her reckless spending habits, Douglas vows to help Angie with her budgeting.

Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC
With his assistance, he forces Angie to actually start making her coffee at home, saving her spare change, stop ordering everything online with expedited shipping, and a few other changes to help her save a buck or two. Then she repays him by spending $28 dollars on cupcakes as a reward.

Despite the cupcakes actually being delicious, Douglas is upset she threw everything he taught her out the window. Angie explains she knows the "convenience tax" is ridiculous but if she spends an hour in a long line or drives across town to the bargain mall, then she's wasting precious seconds she could be with Graham. Douglas has always had money, so it's a little different for him. He acknowledges what Angie does is amazing and they make up. Plus Douglas agrees to help her get out of her latest issue: her car being towed due to unpaid parking tickets.

Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC
The only person who actually found something worthwhile at the auction was Rory. A stylish, purple beret was his for the taking until he insulted Miggy's fashion sense. Probably not the smartest move to diss the guy who whose going to win your prize for you!

Instead of handing over the beret, Miggy buys it for himself. Rory comes to collect with the twins as his muscle. "The beret must not be harmed!" The girls retrieve it for Rory but not before Miggy can snatch it back!

Ultimately, he returns it to Rory and tells him why he took it. He feels out of touch with his "coolness" since he became a dad. Rory offers to let him keep the beret, he's moved on anyways, cowboy hats are the latest trend as the "berets of the heartland."

Poor Miggy. Now he's back to square one.

Funniest sub-plot of the week goes to Angie and Douglas. So many great jokes between the two of them. Particularly Angie's joke about having too many sunglasses since she'll lose half, super relatable.

Favorite Lines

Poppy: Will, you are the item! Can I put you in the auction?
Will: You mean like be someone's butler for a month? Sure.
Poppy: No, but it's weird that you'd be okay with that.

Rory: Celebrity is the most precious metal we have. It's our Vibranium!

Rory: Because, like Monica Lewinsky, K-pop singer Min-ho, and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, I have style.

Douglas: You're paying gas station prices for toilet paper, batteries... salsa?
Angie: Hey, when the grocery store starts selling gas, they'll start seeing my salsa dollars again.

Angie: [About spare change] You guys should be free to roll around on the floor of my car. We're breaking their spirit!
Douglas: Pennies belong in a bank or dumped in a tube sock and used for self-defense.

Douglas: Six pairs of the same sunglasses?
Angie: I'm gonna lose half of them. You always have more sunglasses than you need because some of them aren't gonna make it. Like with babies at the turn of the century.

Douglas: You know, getting out of this conversation is worth $100 to me.
Angie & Douglas: Convenience tax.

New episodes of Single Parents air Wednesday nights on ABC.

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