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Single Parents - A Radiant Cloak of Sexual Irresistibly - Review

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Did anyone else realize Will was actually hot? Well I did after seeing him with a beard! But everyone else fully notices this week when he saves a girl's life three times in a row on the playground. This earns him looks of admiration from everyone in the vicinity, or, as Douglas coins it, "a radiant cloak of sexual irresistibly".

But this glow won't last forever. Will needs to take advantage of his present aura while he can. Douglas takes him to a country club so he can get the numbers of anyone he finds attractive. The only woman Will notices is his boss Tracey, much to Douglas's annoyance.

While Miggy bonds with a tennis player named Bobbi (with an 'i'), Will shares a nice moment with Tracey. He clearly has feelings for her and it would seem she returns them.

Douglas crashes their get together, informing Will his time is running out and exposing their plan to score as many numbers as possible to Tracey, who takes offense and leaves.

(Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

A disappointed Will shows up at her house later to apologize but she's already with her on-and-off again boyfriend. She does look sorry as she tells Will this, sometimes it's hard to get off the Ferris wheel.

Perhaps the reason Douglas was so grumpy that evening is because he gave up spending time with Poppy. It would appear Single Parents is moving in the direction of getting these two together by season's end.

Arriving in a massive, Las Vegas-themed, tacky box is Ron's wedding invitation. It sets Poppy off as she didn't think she would be as upset by it as she winds up being, which means it's time for a Bachelor night. She calls Angie over for back-up.

All it takes is some wine and heated pep talks for them to decide they should crash the Bachelor mansion and warn all those ladies about how fruitless romance is. Except The Bachelor isn't shooting right now so they wind up stranded there over night with Chris Harrison, who apparently gets homesick for the mansion and sleeps there on occasion.

By the middle of the night, Poppy realizes who the one person she really does want to spend time with is, around the same time Douglas does.

(Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

She calls Douglas to pick her and Angie up the next day and the two share a knowing smile. What does it mean?!

As for the kids, this week they were all supposed to spend the night at Louisa's house but when "the fever takes her" they wind up sleeping at the school. It's a fairly weak storyline, obviously shuffled to the background to make room for the bigger Bachelor story this week, but it was nice to see the whole group together for once - Rory included.

He tries to scare Graham with a story about the ominous "Mop Man". Graham and Sophie get a little revenge by setting up a Mop Man decoy for Rory to wake up to!

Somehow, the kids manage not to get caught as they rush back to Louisa's in the morning. Will the parents ever find out about their night out?

(Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

Favorite Lines

Angie: Okay, I opened a third bottle of wine, and we are still wearing our bras, which means that we're quite tame considering it's "Bachelor" night.

Poppy: He went to that Fyre Festival and came home with no complaints.

Chris Harrison: Look, every woman who's come to this mansion has been hurt before. But they come here with no less than 15 formal dresses and occasionally a freakish costume for night 1, ready to put themselves out there again.

Miggy: You know, the last time I wore one of these, I was getting fired from a KFC.

A new episode of Single Parents will premiere March 20th on ABC.

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