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Santa Clarita Diet - Season 3 - Advance Preview: 'We Heart the Hammonds'

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Previously on Santa Clarita Diet, Joel and Sheila tiptoed dangerously close to exposing Sheila's secret and appetite. Anne had the couple dead to rights for the murders of Dan and Gary but some dumb luck masked as divine intervention convinced Anne that Sheila was a vehicle for GOD. Elsewhere, Abby and Eric blew up a trailer the fracking site.

It is a rare feat for a show to continue to surprise and entertain with every frame, but Santa Clarita Diet does just that thus far in season 3. In the six episodes I was lucky enough to view of the upcoming season, I am happy to report that everything one may love about this show is present and they've outdone themselves once again.

For The Next Thousand or So Years
The beauty of SCD lies in the relationship of Joel and Sheila Hammond (Timothy Olyphant, Drew Barrymore) and season three makes them confront the reality of Sheila's immortality and Joel's mortality. The writers of course broach this subject with the same wit and hilarity that we've come to expect, but it is something they have not really thought about and now it looms in the distance, waiting to jump up and bite them (no pun intended). Joel is hesitant to join his wife in the ranks of the undead, and his reason is quite honest and endearing.

Santa Clarita Diet has always had smart writing and built upon its mythology quite well. Season three continues to expand on what the undead being out in the world means and that puts a target on Sheila's back. An organization called The Knights of Serbia are introduced and their presence forces Joel and Sheila down new paths loaded with obstacles while they try to keep their secret intact. This of course leads to many gut-splitting moments of pure comedy. The purpose of the organization also makes them cross paths with an even bigger issue that will most likely take centerstage in the latter part of the season. What I will say about the Knights is that while they are against our favorite couple, their presence tees up some of Sheila and Joel's most hilarious scheming to date.

And what of Anne, who now believes that Sheila is a vessel of her lord and savior? Well, at first she proves useful as Sheila needs to cover for murdering her latest meal but her eagerness to help becomes a thorn in the couple's side. While Sheila almost basks in the attention, Joel is not so keen on her involvement in their life.

Abby and Eric..... Criminals?
Abby and Eric are such a treat to this show as well and their storyline heading into season 3 is interesting and never feels like a ploy by the show to fill space. The duo are dealing with the fallout from blowing up the fracking trailer and this isn't something the show brushes under the rug. The two are budding felons and use a very interesting guise to try and get themselves out of the line of suspicion. They don't just interact with one another of course. Abby still has to deal with her parent's craziness and Eric gets solo Joel time much to his and my delight.

Other Teases:

* We learn some new mythology about Mr. Ball Legs which makes so much sense.

* Joel and Sheila's nemisis Chris and Christa are back. Anne being on their side actually gives Joel and Sheila a leg up on their feud temporarily.

* One of Sheila's meals gives the Nazis and pre-dead Gary a run for their money in the asking for it department.

* Abby and Eric get some help when they desperately need it from a very unlikely source.

* Joel is running out of alias names and it is hilarious.

All Episodes Start Streaming March 29th on Netflix

That is about all I can tease for now! Are you looking forward to season 3? What are your hopes? Let me know!

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