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Riverdale - Requiem for a Welterweight - Review

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It's not easy to write a review in the light of the tragic and sudden death of Luke Perry. Luke was just an amazing actor and he played the role of Fred amazingly. Fred is, or we could say was, one of the best parents in the shows. Perry will be missed.

But let's discuss the episode, Requiem for a Welterweight. Because of the Pretty Poisons, the Serpents’ numbers have gone down. Jughead doesn't know what to do and decides to go after the Ghoulies. He speaks with Kurt and he tells him that only the worthy will ascend while stating that the Gargoyle King is alive. Still, I don't see the point of dragging out this storyline so much.

Archie is still in the midst of a hormonal crisis. Lately, he is more focused on boxing and he must throw his first fight, but he loses.

In the meanwhile, Hiram is always busy with his plots. This time, he wants Veronica to take control of his drugs. Instead of following his father's interests, she starts working for Gladys. Hiram decides to face Gladys, who threatens Hermione. As a consequence of that, Veronica is forced to come back to his father.

Crazy Alice now wants to be rebaptized by The Farm, and Betty is worried that she will do something dangerous. Betty meets with an ex-Farm member, who left the farm after her sister’s death and she discovers that ascension is connected with a near-death experience that the members need to do. Betty manages to save her mother, while she is almost dying because of the rite she is doing. Not even Polly is helping her. When she wakes up, Alice claims she is reborn and she decides that she will sell the house and become one with the Farm. This storyline is getting out of control and Betty will be elected Riverdale's martyr.

The episode ends with Veronica that covers for Hermione and now owes a debt to Hiram and Gladys that takes control of the Gargoyles. I don't really know what to say about this Riverdale's third season.

And you? What do you think of "Requiem for Welterweight"?

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