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Riverdale - Fire Walk with Me - Review

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Another episode of Riverdale and the only thing we can think about is how much we will miss Luke Perry, clearly, one of the reasons why I was keeping watching the show.

In this episode, as nobody was expecting it, The Serpents and Pretty Poisons have been clashing. The reason is that the chemistry equipment has been stolen to make drugs.

Archie is still in the fight club-mood and he starts taking care of Ricky. He is a little boy who was branded with the Sacrifice Symbol because he saw the Gargoyle King. The writers don't have any idea of what can they do with Archie.

In another crazy moment, the Farm gains a new member: Kevin. Considering that he is emotionally vulnerable, he has decided to search help in this absurd cult. It makes sense.

The businesswoman Veronica opens a casino and it's another attempt to get free from her father. Betty sees Kevin growing crazier, and she is shocked as we are: Kevin walks across the fire. Oh Lord, we have seen everything in this show. The only smart character left alive, she threatens to expose the Farm, but Kevin and Evelyn blackmail her because of Alice’s killings and coverups.

The shocking reveal of the episode involves Ricky who is Joaquin’s brother. He was working with the Gargoyles to kill Archie. Jughead tells Archie it’s time they end the game. Considering her mother's nonsense decision to sell the house, Betty decides what's best for her: she burns it down. The best moment of the episode. What do you think of "Fire Walk with Me"?

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