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The Lord of the Rings - Amazon Adaptation Taking Place During Second Age

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Amazon has been teasing maps of Middle-earth since early February, early versions of the map can be found here. Amazon have now confirmed with this latest map that the series will take place during the Second Age. JD Payne and Patrick McKay will be penning the fantasy adaptation which has a multi-season commitment (of about 5 seasons per Deadline) as well as potential for a spinoff.

Per the map the series is expected to be a prequel and be set before the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Númenor is featured in the map and towards the end of the Second Age sunk beneath the ocean after defying the laws of the deities. It is regarded as the mythical lost city of men.

The Second Age saw the rise of Númenor, the rise of Sauron in Middle-earth and forging of the Ring of Power by Sauron, the creation of the Ringwraiths, the early wars of the Rings between Sauron and the Elves. The Second Age lasted around 3441 years and ended with the downfall of Sauron's army when he was defeated by the Last Alliance of Elves and Men following the downfall of Númenor.

The Second Age is also known as The Age of Númenor. Aragorn was a descendant of the first king of Númenor, Elros Tar-Minyatur; the twin brother of Elrond. The rumor of the series following Young Aragorn, who was born during the Third Age, was likely just a rumor. This show could feature his lineage. It is unclear is the island of Númenor will be the main location for the series. The project has a multi-season commitment so it could (and likely will) venture into new lands throughout the series run.

The Age of Númenor. Dating from a point 590 years after the first rising of the Sun, the Second Age began after Morgoth was defeated in the War of Wrath and expelled from Arda.

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The Second Age was also known as “the age of Númenor,” and was defined by two great events. First, the downfall of the kingdom for daring to challenge the Valar (the Middle-earth gods). And second, the formation of the Last Alliance between the remaining Númenóreans, led by Elendil (father of Isildur, who took the One Ring for himself), and the Elven king Gil-galad.


The population of Númenor chiefly consisted of Men of the surviving houses of the Edain, and they were known as the Númenóreans, or rather, Kings among Men.

The Númenóreans were extremely skilled in arts and craft, and in the forging of weapons and armour; but before the fall of the Shadow, they were not warmongers, hence the chief art on the island became that of shipbuilding and sea-craft. The Númenóreans became great mariners, exploring the world in all directions save for the westward, where the Ban of the Valar was in force. They often travelled to the shores of Middle-earth, teaching the men their art and craft, and introduced farming so as to improve their everyday lives. When the Shadow fell, however, the Númenóreans became more unneighbourly with the Men of Middle-earth. They levied heavy tribute from them and returned to Númenór with ships filled with spoil.

The island had a mountain in the centre known as Meneltarma. Meneltarma was the highest location on the entire island and was considered sacred by the Númenóreans as a shrine of God, Eru Ilúvatar.

The Second Age spans 3441 years and ends with the first downfall of Sauron, the primary antagonist of “The Lord of the Rings.” Jackson’s movies begin with a prologue set at the end of the Second Age explaining Sauron’s defeat, so it would appear Amazon’s series will take place in the years where Sauron rises to power. Events in the Second Age that the series could focus on include Sauron building his forces in Mordor, the creation and distribution of the rings of power, and the destruction of Númenor.


While the Numenoreans were exploring the seas, and longing more and more dangerously for the forbidden lands to the west, a host of things were going on in Middle-earth. Early on in the Second Age, the Dwarves moved into Moria and the Elves established several settlements including that of Eregion, which finally appeared on this most recent version of Amazon’s map. Sauron, still in his fair form of Annatar, caused mischief throughout the Second Age, tricking the Elves into teaching him how to make rings of power, and being a bad boy influence on the Numenoreans which eventually caused the destruction of Numenor itself.


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