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Legacies - There's a Mummy on Main Street - Review

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This week on Legacies, Alaric, Emma, and Dorian decided to take a road trip to find the urn. To make things less awkward, Alaric decided to bring along Kaleb, the twins, and Hope. They were attacked by a lot of bees and were lead to a safe zone run by Triad who are also after the urn. Alaric and Kaleb tried to outsmart them and steal the urn but they were forced to hand it over to save Emma and Dorian. Lizzie and Hope spent the entire day bickering, with Lizzie accusing her of starting rumors and a fire back in the day but it turned out that Josie had done both because she had a crush on Hope. Emma tells Dorian that Alaric kissed her, which leads to Dorian punching Alaric and quitting. The guy from Triad (do we know his name?) throws the urn into the Malivore pit, leaving only 1 key left. 

Road trip from hell: Well, that car ride was sure something, wasn’t it. We had Lizzie acting like a 5-year-old constantly asking if they were there yet, Josie who got car sick (which I can’t blame her for, I’ve been there) and Alaric bothering everyone with stupid road games. Kaleb regretted coming along 5 minutes after he stepped into the car, Hope clearly regretting sitting next to Lizzie. It’s a good thing they didn’t have to go that far. 

A bit of an overreaction: So I get that Dorian is upset about what happened between Emma and Alaric. And the punch was totally deserved. But isn’t quitting your job a bit much? How much could he have really liked working there if he quits over something like this? And what does this mean for his relationship with Emma? Because he seemed open to forgiving her until he found out Alaric wasn’t infected, and that’s not really fair to her. 

This is why I’m here: Like on The Originals, I enjoy this show the most when it focuses on friendships and family, rather than romance. As far as the teenagers were concerned, we were love triangle free this week and I absolutely loved it. Sorry boys, but I didn’t miss you that much. I’m glad Hope, Lizzie, and Josie finally got everything out in the open. And their relationships make a lot of sense now. I’ve been known to hold a grudge, and if I thought someone had said something like what Hope had presumably said about me, I would’ve held it against her too. But I’m surprised Lizzie never confronted her sooner. I know that her mental health is an uncomfortable subject for her but a lot of drama could have been avoided if she’d asked Hope about it. As for Josie, I get it. What she did wasn’t right, but I do understand why. She had a crush. Unrequited crushes are awful enough when you like someone of the opposite sex, but at that age, Josie was probably only just starting to figure out her sexuality which made her crush on Hope that much more difficult to talk about to others. And after the fire, she was probably too scared to say anything. I think she’s been carrying around quite a bit of guilt these past years because of it. I hope we get to see the 3 of them move past it now, maybe even see Hope and Lizzie get along. 

Standing ovation: I was really impressed with Kaleb this week and how he stood up to Alaric. He didn’t go on a rampage or cause trouble to prove his point, he made a logical argument which shows how he’s been growing up throughout the season. And he’s absolutely right. It’s not fair to keep the vampires at half strength, to only half educate the witches. These kids deserve a chance to be shown everything they can do and to be taught how to handle that much power. If you teach them these things in a controlled environment, they’re less likely to do it behind the teachers’ backs without any supervision. And with all that’s been happening this season, they need to know this stuff for their own safety. 
2 down…: So there’s only 1 key left before Malivore is unleashed. It’s pretty clear that this will happen by the end of the season, it’s a classic move for these writers. They did the same thing on The Vampire Diaries, the big bad thing that needs to be avoided at all costs always ended up happening. But this guy from Triad is very intriguing. What exactly is their mission? Is he on their side or does he have his own agenda? I’m assuming we’ll get a backstory episode for him eventually until then I will keep speculating. 

Best quotes: Hope: “Sorry for wanting to protect the outside world from my mistakes. You know, there’s currently an urn on a river cruise, spreading plagues around America because I thought a unicorn was cute. It’s called accountability. Maybe there’s a bracelet for it.” 
Hope: “I’m boiling.” Lizzie: “I’m freezing.” Josie: “I’m starving.” 
Kaleb: “How did I get stuck on the senior citizen’s half of the tour?” Alaric: “Excuse me?” Kaleb: “Or y’all just needed a third wheel to shield you from all this awkwardness.” Alaric: “We’re not awkward.” Emma: “Not awkward at all.” Alaric: “No one’s awkward.” 
Hope: “If you really thought that I said all those things about you than you hating me all these years makes perfect sense. But with a father and a grandfather like mine, I’m probably not immune to those issues myself. I don’t take it lightly and I would never make fun of you for it.” Lizzie: “I believe you.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again two weeks from now for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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