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Legacies - There's Always a Loophole - Review + POLL

This week on Legacies, Triad takes over the school lead by MG’s mom. Josie gets shot and nearly dies. She and Lizzie make up and Alaric saves her with Hope’s blood. Hope sneaks away to find Landon, who managed to get away from his brother with the artifact. They fight off a headless horseman but get so distracted by each other that they don’t see Clarke grab the artifact until it’s too late, he drops it into Malivore. The students take back the school from Triad. Rafael is trapped in wolf form until Hope returns. MG basically disowns his mom. Hope gets a really stupid idea, kills Landon (knowing he’ll be reborn) and calls Alaric to say goodbye and to ask him to burn her stuff. She then puts a mimicking spell on Clarke and jumps into Malivore with him. Everyone forgets her. 

MVP: It’s not like I didn’t already love the kid before, but MG earned himself a permanent place amongst my favorites this week. He barely even hesitated to turn against his mother. There was no other option, he wasn’t going to let her hurt his friends. And I was so impressed by the ultimatum he gave her. Lots of shows have storylines like this where the character is conflicted and I know turning on your parents isn’t easy but when they go against everything you believe in, it really shouldn’t take you as long as it does most characters. That’s why I loved this storyline with MG. Side note, I also really enjoy his interacts with Nia. I hope she’ll be back next season. We could use some recurring characters that are something other than the big 3 or human. 

Should’ve seen it coming: Of course Hope was going to sacrifice herself. This girl is like the personification of guilt. She’s been carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, still blames herself for her parents’ death and everything that happened to her family before that. I wouldn’t be surprised if she blames herself for everything that’s been happening to her friends as well. She probably thinks she deserves this. To be forgotten, which is worse than death, in my opinion. Can we get this girl some professional help next season? Like, better than a sort of teacher. Now that we’re at the end of the season though, I just want to say how impressed I’ve been Danielle Rose Russell. I said the same after her season on The Originals but she’s really proven herself as a lead this year. Can’t wait to see more of it next season. 

What about the puppy? Did everyone forget about Rafael? What will happen to him now that Hope isn’t returning? She sure made it seem like she was the only one who could help him turn back, not sure if that’s actually the case, though. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still a wolf by the time the show returns, which will undoubtedly have had a time jump of at least a few months. Kind of like with Hayley at the beginning of season 3. 

Need more of this: I absolutely loved the fight scenes with the students where they all fought together. We need more of this. Sure, it’s probably best if they’re not attacked in their own school every 5 seconds, but their teamwork was amazing this week. It was so entertaining to watch. And Pedro is a gift, that kid steals every scene he’s in. You’ve got a school full of supernatural kids yet we only regularly see a handful. Get the other kids more involved in the fights, I know it’s not practical, but it looks so good! 

October, where are you? So that cliffhanger was beyond cruel, I’m going to suffer waiting for the second season. I had hoped that we would’ve gotten a glimpse of where Hope is now, but I guess the writers wanted to focus more on the impact of her absence had. But I have so many questions. 
Predictions: Which brings me to predictions for the second season. I’m almost convinced that the premiere of the second season will be similar to the third season premiere of Agents of SHIELD, with the entire episode focusing on how the characters have moved on, perhaps some will start to notice something is missing, and then in the last few moments we’ll see Hope. Now, I have no idea who will figure it out first. I have a theory (not a solid one) that maybe Rafael will remember because the memory thing didn’t work on him in wolf form, but he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone as a wolf. Alaric will probably notice something is off, but won’t be able to put his finger on it. I feel like it would be too cliché if Landon is the one who figures it out, so I’m kind of hoping they don’t go there. I’m also incredibly curious to figure out how much changed now that no one remembers Hope. We saw an alternate universe where Hope wasn’t in their lives, maybe it’ll be similar? As for the twins, I don’t think the writers will drag the merge out for that much longer. Another season at most, I think. They’ll find some way to accelerate it somehow. They only just celebrated their sixteenth birthday, which means they’re 6 years away from turning 22. The Originals only made it to 5 seasons, it would be incredibly arrogant of them to think they’d make it to 6. So it’ll be sooner than that. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

Best quotes: Josie and Lizzie: “She’s coming?” Hope: “I need all the help I can get so please put your twin war on pause?” 
Alaric: “Whoever this is, gets extra credit.” 
Lizzie: “So what do we do now?” Hope: “Now, we figure out a way to get our powers back and we kick some paramilitary ass.” Josie: “Wait, dad said not to do anything crazy.” Hope: “Me defying your dad isn’t crazy, it’s consistent.” 
Lizzie: “And then I can siphon the sludge out of Josie, not that she’ll appreciate it.” Josie: “Great, so I’ll just be shot.” 
MG: “These Triad guys are just scared bullies, lashing out because they think they’re losing control over something they had no power over in the first place. Like you told me once, we’re faster, we’re stronger, we’re better. Deep down they know that. So just be better. We don’t need to prove it by killing him.” Kaleb: “Look at you, man. Baby’s all grown up.” 
MG: “If this is our family’s legacy, then we cannot be family anymore.” 

That’s it for this season. Let me know in the comments what you thought of the season finale. 

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