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Legacies - There`s Always a Loophole - Advance Preview: Full Circle

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When you have such rich and beautiful mythology like the TVD-verse it is a shame not to exploit it properly. But no worries Julie Plec and her team of writers tapped well in its source material and delivered a finale that holds up very well with most TVD-verse finales. The twists, the turns and emotional baggage dumped on you during this outing are all worth it and will make the wait for season 2 insufferable. Mary Lou Bellucci directed the episode written by Brett Matthews.

The season finale picks up right where the last episode ended and it gets rough from this point on forward. Team Salvatore school kids have more issues in surviving the human attack than anyone would anticipate. The Triad guys are well equipped and ready for the fight against the kids. Rodney Rowland`s Burr is the bad guy this episode needed, he is grim, unapologetic and doesn`t really care about the consequences, he just wants the things to get done.

The Saltzman family shares some very emotional moments during the intense outing. Josie and Liz aren`t handling the Merge reveal well and the previous blow out between the sisters isn`t helping at all. Jenny and Kaylee have really good chemistry and you can feel that they are mirroring the emotions their characters feel so well. They understand the pov`s of their respective characters but they also understand that they are all each other got and the thing that is worth fighting for.

The boys keep up very busy as well. MG has to choose between his mom and his friends and while picking up the fight against Triad he has to decide what type of Supernatural being he wants to be. Kaleb continues his smooth work and being the grumpy Hero of the hour. He definitely needs to be upgraded to series regular, he is just too amazing. Chris Lee carries great energy and he transfers it so well to screen. I really hope we get more of him during the upcoming seasons of the show. Raf has a tough time keeping his anger in line and some further actions leave life or two in the Limbo. Pedro makes a triumphant return to our screens and I am delighted by him.

Our protagonist, Hope, has a lot of things on her mind and a lot of shit to get done. And while I see the reaction about Danielle`s Hope being mixed online, yet I am always wowed by the range this young actress brings to the table. Her character is deeply complex and she really understands where Hope comes from and the writing suits it so well. The rollercoaster of emotions she goes through during this episode is a lot. The hunt for Landon, the Triad and not to mention a scene she shares with Alaric that brought tears to my eyes. Hope`s story reaches full circle during this outing and sets up a completely different direction for season 2.

Other tidbits:

- The Kirby family drama reaches new levels of weird. Hope has major input in resolving the drama.

- The soundtrack is so fitting, as always.

- The writers used a strong mythological aspect from TVD to keep this episode interesting.

- Another Monster shows up and Medusa also sticks around.

That`s the wrap guys, Legacies ends it strong freshman season run with a strong outing and a prosper future to look forward to. What are you expecting from this outing? And how much will you miss the show during hellatus? Sound off in the comments below and discuss past, present, and future of the show?

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