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Legacies - Let's Just Finish the Dance - Review + POLL

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This week on Legacies, the Salvatore school hosted the Miss Mystic Falls pageant (which Alaric completely forgot about). Lizzie drops out when it’s clear she has no chance of winning and makes Hope participate instead. She asks Josie to fake a fall and take out Hope’s competition completely ignoring the fact that Josie actually wants to win. Penelope tries to make Josie see this but she won’t listen. Penelope leaves the school but shares some writing that will reveal the Merge to Josie. Hope is having trouble controlling her powers. Roman shows up again for some reason. Landon finds out that Hope has been lying to him about his mother. Hope breaks down at the dance, after winning, when she finds out she’s wearing a dress that belonged to Klaus. Also, a gorgon tried to kidnap Landon but failed, MG’s mother, however, succeeded and takes him to Triad. 

Don’t leave me: I can’t believe Penelope actually left. She was one of my favorite characters. But I understand. To her, this seems like a hopeless situation. Josie won’t trust her and it hurts too much to be around her. Now that we know Penelope has had insight into everyone’s writing, her actions finally make sense. No wonder she hates Lizzie so much, she’s worried Lizzie will kill Josie. And she’s been trying to get Josie to stand up to her sister because she wants her to have a fighting chance. But it seems like Josie is finally starting to get that Lizzie always puts herself first. I know Lizzie loves her sister but it doesn’t change the fact that she treats her like crap. She’s actually being nicer to Hope right now than her own twin. But the dynamic is sure to change now that Josie will find out about the Merge. We’ve seen what happened when Lizzie found out first, I wonder what this will do to Josie. 

Get out: This week I actually found myself agreeing with Landon for a change. I also can’t believe that Hope seems to have forgiven Roman. And he works for the school?! I’m assuming this means Alaric let him graduate. I feel like being a part of a plot to kill another student and her mother should be reason for expulsion. Yes, Roman was manipulated by his mother but at a certain point, we become responsible for our own actions. And I don’t care how much he’s changed, some things shouldn’t be forgiven. I swear if the writers even hint at a possible romantic reunion between him and Hope I will start throwing stuff. 

What did you expect? Speaking of Hope, there’s only so much someone can take before it starts leaving emotional scars. Hope has lost both of her parents, saw her boyfriend die and then burst into flames, … why did Lizzie think it was a good idea to thrust her into a spotlight? And the dress was the last straw. At this point she was barely holding it together, learning that she was wearing a dress that her father had given to Caroline was too much. I’m not sure Hope ever really worked through all of that loss. Her strategy seems to be to push everything down. But while that may have worked for Klaus, it doesn’t seem to be working for her anymore. Which is probably a good thing because that’s not exactly healthy. 

What?! Was anyone else super confused by what happened at the end of the episode? MG’s mom just kidnapped Landon. How does she fit into all of this? Has she been working with Triad all this time? Is she in charge? This twist just came so out of nowhere, they better explain next week. 
What’s next? So I have two theories. One is that maybe Landon is the third key. It would explain why Triad is so eager to get their hands on him. And also why Landon had ties to the other keys. However, I’m also pretty sure we’re headed into Malivore at some point. So my second theory is that he’s not the third key but will end up in Malivore by the end of next week, he’ll meet his mother (again) and Hope will save him but by doing so unleashes everything in Malivore. Which do you think is more likely? 

Best quotes: Hope: “Landon are you okay?” Landon: “I was recently dead so I think I’ll mend.” 
Lizzie: “I am withdrawing from Miss Mystic Falls effective immediately.” Hope: “I thought you had something important to tell us.” Penelope: “Come for the underwhelming announcement, stay for the epic meltdown.” Josie: “Okay, wait. Why are you quitting?” Lizzie: “A personal issue with one of the judges. A direct result of that bitch Dana’s sabotage.” Hope: “She’s dead, Lizzie.” Lizzie: “Correction, that dead bitch Dana’s sabotage, costing me the crown from beyond the grave.” 
Alaric: “There’s no reason a monster would be here.” Lizzie: “Unless this sentient jar of artisanal mayonnaise activated a new artifact. What did you touch?” Landon: “Everything.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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