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Legacies - Let`s Just Finish The Dance - Advance Preview: "Relationship Status Unknown"

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After last week`s intense and thrilling outing, Legacies doesn`t back down and delivers another emotionally charged and story progressive outing. Everything that they´ve build up to is finally unfolding and it gets into Heartbreak High teritory. Episode 14 was directed by Geoff Shotz and written by Sherman Payne

MG continues to intrigue and develops as a character, as the label of killer stuck quite fast after the events of last week. Still, this episode provides quality material and keeps his story well layered. Quincy Fouse is tapping deep and enjoys the material he is getting in the last two outings.

Roman`s return puts some strings up on Hopdon/Lope`s relationship but not really in the way everyone is expecting it to be. Roman didn`t age well despite his immortality yet his role in this outing is a major TVD call back. The chemistry with Hope is strong and the people don`t really have to have seen The Originals to understand who he is, it`s explained multiple times. A surprisingly powerful interaction unravels as Lizzie and Hope spend more time together in preparation for the Miss Mystic Fall pageant. The developments of the Spring Break episode put a new nice twist on the relationship between Hope and Lizzie and it works really well.

And while the Lizzie-Hope stuff gets into unfamiliar pleasant territory, the sisterly bond between Lizzie and Josie is put on a major test again. But before that story unwraps Josie and Penelope are all kinds of hot and cute. The amount of focus these two get this week is what we deserved all along. No Josie-Raf stuff or anything else. Josie and Penelope are the right deal and their scenes are electrifying. Penelope forces herself to Josie as her pageant escort and somehow it is everything I ever wanted it to be. Penelope gives so much to Josie this week, you guys can`t even imagine how much. Yet, Penelope`s frustration with Josie`s behavior pushes her into a rough state of mind and results in her stirring some unexpected trouble.

Other Tidbits:
- No Raf and no Caleb this week.

- The Monster of the Week is a good one and the character that interacts it the most benefits from this story a lot.

- The Episode ends with several twists and revelations spiking up tension ahead of the final two episodes.

In true Julie Plec fashion this episode sets up a lot of stuff for the final couple of episodes and put all relationships into an unknown status. What are you expecting from the outing? Don`t forget to tune into the episode live or via CW app. Till we meeet again.

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