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Legacies - The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do - Review + POLL

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This week on Legacies, MG and Landon are missing after taking a trip during Spring Break. Hope and Alaric find an upset Rafael who barely remembers what happened. Slowly they piece together that the guys went to see MG’s parents and found out that MG’s dad didn’t know he was a vampire (or alive). That didn’t go so well. They didn’t make it back in time for the full moon so Landon tied Rafael up in the woods. An upset MG attacked Landon and killed him which resulted in Rafael losing it and biting MG. Hope managed to heal him in time. Landon didn’t stay dead but burst into flame after which he was reborn from the ashes. So apparently he’s a phoenix. 

Give this kid a hug: I feel like we saw more of MG this week than all of the other episodes combined. So far he was more a side character than a main character. But we finally got some backstory. You know, I wondered if those vampires “kids” at the school were all newly turned or if some of them have been around for a while (like Roman, or did he pretend to be newly turned?) but it seems to have been pretty recent for MG. I don’t fully blame his mom, this is not an easy situation. Considering how religious her husband is, she must be too which means that MG was raised religious as well. Can you imagine what it must’ve been like for him right after he turned? How he must’ve thought the same things his dad said to him. I’m starting to see a lot of similarities between MG and Stefan. Dorian said being impressionable makes you a higher risk of becoming a ripper but I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s the self-loathing. Both MG and Stefan were raised in a strict household, with a certain belief system. Their parents turned their backs on them after they turned. It made them hate who they were. Which pushes them to other extremes. Stefan went a step further and turned his humanity off. But he didn’t have the support system MG has. And before you say anything, yes, Damon grew up in the same household but his relationship with his father was entirely different. His father was already cold to him before he ever turned. I don’t think MG is a ripper yet, but he’s going to need a lot of help from experienced vampires to learn how to cope with all of this. And unfortunately, I can’t think of anyone at the school that fits that bill. Maybe it’s time Caroline comes by for a visit. 

Not cool: Alaric really needs to stop keeping so many damn secrets. The secret about the human blood thing didn’t turn out very well, and now this. MG should have been told that his dad didn’t know. I know Alaric thinks he’s protecting these kids but they’re not just kids anymore. MG died and then woke up as a vampire. If that’s not traumatic, I don’t know what is. So I think he could’ve handled this. And he would’ve found out eventually. I mean, these kids are supposed to graduate eventually, right? What exactly happens then, is there a supernatural college they can go to? All of these kids live separated from humans right now, but is that really such a smart idea when they’ll have to reintegrate into the normal world eventually? 

I predict drama: Considering how pushy Landon was about MG getting answers from his parents, you know his own family issues will resurface soon. Landon kept going on about how it’s better to know the truth. When he finds out Hope’s been lying to him about this, it’ll be bad. He won’t care that she did it to protect him. Speaking of drama, though, I was surprised by how Landon handled Rafael having feelings for Hope. I was expecting a fight like the many Stefan and Damon had over Elena. But it seems that these 2 were a lot more mature about it. Yeah, Rafael would never intentionally do something to break Landon and Hope up. He loves Landon too much for that. And I’m glad Landon realized that and also that you don’t choose who you have feelings for. But I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this. 

Too easy: Was anyone else disappointed by how the episode ended? Of course, Landon wouldn’t stay dead. You don’t build a huge mystery around a character only to kill them off before uncovering it. But now we know, he’s a phoenix. Finally, a new species that will actually get decent development, unlike all the others we’ve seen this season. I wonder if he needed to be reborn in order to access whatever powers he’ll have. Or maybe resurrection is all there is. I demand awesome flashbacks to show the origin of this species, and while we’re at it I’d also like the origin story of witches (which we haven’t gotten for some reason). Sidenote, how hilarious would it have been if Landon had been reborn as a baby? 
Best quotes: Kaleb: “I need you to do me a favor. Can you look after him while I’m gone on this trip with Dr. S.? MG is doing this little happy act thing but he gets really weird around holidays.” Rafael: “Why?” Kaleb: “His family. They never invite him home, so, you know, just hit up his little events. Come on, man. It’s the least you can do. Especially after getting down and dirty with the love of his life. Oh yeah, everybody knows. Yeah, them too. They know.” 
MG’s mom: “Your father doesn’t want to see you. His faith is everything to him and you know there’s no room in his belief system for people dying and coming back to life.” Landon: “Except for Jesus. And Lazarus.” 
Kaleb: “Look MG, being a vampire, it ain’t everything I say it is. It ain’t about power or blood or being better than other people. I guess I just say that stuff to make myself feel okay with the fact that people like you and me, we’ve got a big struggle ahead of us. A hard life. But we can be in it together. But it doesn’t matter if you’re family doesn’t get it. It ain’t black and white like that. Maybe they’ll come around, maybe they won’t. But hear this brother, I’m your family now, me, alright?” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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