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Legacies - The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do - Advance Preview: "Boys Just Wanna Have Answers"

In tonight`s episode of Legacies MG`s story takes center stage and when the boys go missing a lot of drama raises, as usual. Paul Wesley directed the episode written by Mark Ryan Walberg and teleplay by Bryce Ahart & Stephanie McFarlane

Over the course of the 13 episodes Legacies`episode I watched so far, I have to say episode 13 holds a special place. In probably their best outing since "Mombie Dearest" Julie Plec and co take it to a new level. And as usual, I am not allowed to share all the big twists I will point part of the focal points this episode handles.

The narrative way of this episode is executed very well. The episode jumps to action right away with the reveal that MG, Raf and Landon aren`t at the school and that wouldn`t be a really major issue if there wasn`t a full Moon on the uprising. Raf is the first one we encounter but his memory is a bit wonky for reasons thoroughly explained throughout the episode. This provides a series of flashbacks that playoff well with the present time search for MG and Landon. The flashbacks are strong and Quincy Fouse delivers a truly memorable performance as the mystery around his parents experience unexpected twists. Seeing the MG, Raf and Landon interact was quite the pleasure as they were mostly defined through their interactions with the girls. The bonds that are formed and ripped in the process make this even better.

One character that is getting better with each new episode is definitely Kaleb. Chris Lee has great energy and the peace his character carries with him gives him surprising depth. Also, Chris handles those lines so smoothly. Definitely, a character who should be promoted to regular next season, under the condition he survives this one. This week we once again enjoy Kaleb along Alaric`s side as they are a vital part in the ongoing search for Landon and MG.

And while in present time, Kaleb and Alaric are on the search for MG and Landon, Raf is getting interrogated by Hope and Emma in hope to find more answers in regard to what happened the previous day/night. Of course, Hope is reacting overly emotional as the boyfriend is nowhere to find and we all know she ain`t really handling loss fine. It was an understandable overreaction. Yet this provided a lot of close moments between Hope and Raf, and it bursts every time Rose and Peyton share the screen.
Emma is once again being a bada*s and that doesn`t really fit well with Hope. Emma`s calm during this episode is quite surprising as I would`ve probably lost it on Hope. But then again you can see how much Hope respects and maybe slightly fears her. Hope didn`t dare to go for a witch-off.

- Legacies like all TVD-verse shows delivers another phenomenal music track this week. Perfect song choice that really fitted the scenes well.
- Except for a couple initial shots, Paul Wesley once again delivers a great viewing pleasure with different angles, colors and pace.
- The twins are MIA this week, but get a small shot out from Hope. And that is a bit weird considering how good of friends they are with MG. Still, them being there would be too big of a crowd to let it all play out.
- A major not to say Legendary secret will be revealed during the last Minute, don`t tune out.

I hope this Preview did it for you, cause you really shouldn`t miss this episode. What are you expectations from tonight`s outing? Sound off in the comment section below. Till we meet again. . .

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