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Law and Order Special Victims Unit - Facing Demons - Review

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A victim's suicide leads to a child rapist's arrest and forces his other victims to confront their past. Micha Fuller, a young man, received a package from Gary Dolan who taught Micha magic when he was 12 years old. Dolan sent Micha some polaroids of him in his underwear from that time with the words "I'm sorry" written on one of the photos.

Micha made online videos of himself doing magic. In the background, there was a poster of a magic shop. So Fin and Carisi headed down to the magic shop and found Gary Dolan. When they showed Dolan a photograph of Micha, his face turned white but claimed no memory of the man. Stone managed to get them a search warrant for Dolan's place off of some information that Micha's parents provided Benson.

Gary's house was full of magic memorabilia along with photographs from when Dolan coached youth baseball. As Benson looked closer to one of the team photographs, she noticed a young boy that she may have known, a young Brain Cassidy. Benson talked to Cassidy about what he may have seen or remembered from that time. He remembered coach Gary Dolan but denied any knowledge of any funny business was going on with any of the boys.

Benson knew Cassidy was lying and decided to talk to Stone. Stone knew the truth and called Cassidy after Benson left the room. No answer. Cassidy has a temper, Stone knew that and hid outside Dolan's apartment waiting for Cassidy to make his move. When Dolan showed his face so did Cassidy, and he was not happy. Luckily Stone caught Cassidy before he did something that he would regret.

Stone took Cassidy out for drinks trying to calm him down and to get his side of the story. The last he heard Dolan had moved down south, Cassidy had no idea that he moved back to New York. Stone assured Cassidy that with his testimony they would be able to get a conviction. Cassidy wasn't going to testify, he didn't want anyone to know what happen to him, especially Benson. The one person he could always count on. That put a snag in Stone's case.

With a child rapist, there is never just one victim. Stone and Cassidy decided to question two more men that where on Dolan's youth baseball ledge. The first man completely shut Stone and Cassidy down. It was clear that Dolan did something to him, but he was like many men, not ready to face his demons.

They had better luck with the next guy. Leo Berry agreed to testify against Coach Gary. What if it happened to his son that killed himself, Berry thought. He wasn't going to let Dolan getaway with hurting anyone else. When Berry took the stand, he told his story. When Berry was 12 years old, his parents had just separated, so Coach Gary started to show him some special attention. Every day for a month Coach Gary would drive Berry to a field and park his car, then perform oral sex on Berry.

Testifying was really hard for Berry, so he decided to have a couple of drinks beforehand. Unfortunately, the law is stringent when it comes down to being sober while you testify. So the judge had to throw out his testimony which weakens Stone's case. If he doesn't find a new witness, the charges would be dropped.

While the court was in recess, Cassidy came running up the courthouse steps looking for a fight, but Benson was able to stop him. She pulled Cassidy aside and told him that he needed to testify, he's the only one that could put Dolan away for good. Cassidy agreed to face his demons, and finally, move on with his life.

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