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Knightfall - The Devil Inside - Advance Preview + Teasers

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UPDATE 30th March - First set of correct dialogue teaser answers filled in.

Joan and Landry’s illicit love affair continues to impact the two opposing groups that season two appears to be building up towards that fateful Friday 13th. On one side, Philip may have cut himself a new look in an attempt to put the regicide behind him, but with the return of his son, Louis, comes the return of his past too. Including the freshly exhumed body of his queen along with evidence of the fact that her lover’s child managed to survive after all, which only serves to bring his all-consuming rage bubbling to the surface once again. Unable to make too public a deal of the issue – pun intended – he instead starts to systematically eradicate every last trace of his wife from the palace, starting with her wardrobe. Here is a man who does not know how to move on.

Interestingly, Philip refers to Louis as a wolf this week while asking him to set up a highly secretive, yet important investigation for him. As you may know, his sister Isabella is the sibling known as the She-wolf of France in later years after her political manoeuvring due to her intolerable marriage to Edward II. I suppose, from a certain perspective, there is tenuous link between the two situations, and there’s no denying that they did do things differently in the middle ages, but you would have to be a cold-hearted bastard to actually contemplate what Louis has on his plate right now. Even so, he is not complaining as he steps up and starts sorting shit out in biblical fashion.

As for the other camp, I am enjoying the new recruit direction they have taken with Landry as he pushed too many Templar rules, too far last season for there to be any other realistic approach than being expelled from the Order. Having seen a few more episodes ahead of this one, I’m happy to see that this initiate status is not a quick or easy process for him either. And not only does he have to train hard, getting to know his new comrades and how to work with them, but he also exorcises a few ghosts along the way too. So, I am glad that this isn’t a single episode work through for Tom Cullen’s character, I needed to see him naturally get back to that place where he forgives himself for his past and is able to be comfortable with others relying on him again. A belief in God and being handy with a sword is only part of being a Templar Knight, there is a reason why they call each other ‘brother’, and that level of trust and connection is a two-way street.

Another upside to the various forms of initiate training we are a party to is of course Talus, their battle-hardened instructor. Mark Hamill has been a genius piece of casting for the series; it’s a fabulous role made all the more enjoyable for him being behind that scarred and gruff bearded face. His character’s barely concealed pleasure in setting particularly difficult tasks for Landry’s group of newbies when they displease him is sight we’ll get used to quite quickly, as well as him keeping a close eye them when they are not actively working out in the yard too. As I said above, the initiates are not on a swift journey to the top, they get things wrong in the heat of the moment, especially Landry and especially in this episode, all of which Talus is not going to let slide any time soon. He is, however, a fair man, so when he gives us one of his rare, proud smiles like he does early on in the first half of this episode, I swear you’ll be grinning right along side him too.

The Devil Inside airs on Monday 1st April at 10pm on History. Below are some teasers to see you through until then, as usual, if you want to have a guess at who said what to whom I will fill in any correct answers. Don’t forget to come back afterwards to vote in our poll and discus your thoughts on the episode.

“You feel if you go kill some goat-faced heretics it will make you feel better…but this is a task for Templars and you’re not a Templar any more, you’re an initiate and I don’t give a shit how you feel” Talus to Landry

“And even while yet when she lived, it was I who made the decisions about your future” King Philip to Princess Isabella

“Ahhh, give thanks unto God. For when he rains on us, he rains on our enemies as well. Now, look to Psalm 133 for guidance, and climb that fucking wall!”

“Pope Boniface has arrived in Paris to pay his respects to the late Queen Joan. And to see you squirm” William de Nogaret to King Philip

“It doesn’t matter if it was from Master Talus himself. Once you embrace the life of a Templar you must strip yourself of all worldly possessions, past or otherwise”

There are some cracking set musical pieces this week, in particular during the wall scene

“These Cathars claim to be Christians, yet even now at their final judgement, they choose to worship their false gods”

“These so-called soldiers of God still have the full support of the Pope and the church”

It looks like the show is strongly hinting back to something from Do You See the Blue?

“They think she died trying to bear you yet another heir. You must allow her a proper royal funeral” Prince Louis to King Philip

Faith Teaser

“Get yourself settled, I’ve arranged for you to have my mother’s old room. A queen’s chamber for my future queen” Prince Louis to Margaret, Princess of Burgundy

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