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Grey`s Anatomy - And Dream of Sheep - Review: "DeLuca Drama No One Asked For " + POLL

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Fish people, dying sheep, drugs and a lot of drama. The 17th episode of Grey`s groundbreaking season had it all. And while some aspects worked out very well, others were an utter disappointment like the review title suggests.

While I have grown to the idea of Meredith and DeLuca being a thing, his family taking over the show wasn`t a pleasant surprise. I am a fan of Carina, I do like the spark she brings to the show and how open she is with her identity in general. But this Carina I am not a fan of, her whole reaction to all these developments felt unnatural out of character. On the otherhand, DeLuca seemed seemingly reasonable but then again he let Vincenzo talk to the parents. I do not understand the whole point of this small arc, they steamrolled it and wrapped it way to fast now. The infatuation the writers have with Andrew, he is very bland in general and his dramatic moments always feel underwhelming. He is a charmer and sexy when the scene demands it but except that he doesn`t bring much to the table. The writers putting Mer in this "submissive" position is another thing I can`t resonate with. What is Mer`s story this season? Find love? And what else? Not that it isn`t enough just where does it lead her from here on. Playing between screaming DeLuca`s and not being sure if someone is her boyfriend. Not enough for my protagonist.

Otherwise, intervened in this story Teddy and Owen. Kim Raver as always a true delight brings all the emotions with a twink of her voice and a spark in her eyes. Kevin Hunt does go under in comparison to her and seems irrelevant when he opposes scenes with her. The neutrality of the reveal was so pleasant right after the pregnancy reveal. Now it feels like they are trying to find a reason to create drama. Of course, the relationship can`t be all sunshine and happy dances but the story is just there at the moment with no progression. And Tom seeing that hug forced out the biggest eye-roll ever.

With Omelia obviously being on pause, the writers have decided to give Amelia another shot at love/life. Pairing Amelia up with Link benefited both characters. Chris finally getting some decent material was a shocker. It felt good they didn`t go for the direct hookup and resolve questions later strategy, instead, they did a bit groundwork, created some sparks with some awkwardness in between. They provided depth to Link and it was a really good scene towards the end.

Connecting Maggie, Jackson, and Jo in a story was entertaining enough. Jo got to step away from Alex a bit and explore who she is and what her history meant to her. Having the two contrasting experiences from Maggie and Jackson meeting their fathers put a lot of things into perspective for Jo. The Jo centric episode is said to be a real rollercoaster of emotions, something to look forward to.

Maggie`s TV appearance was cute. I like that they are exploiting "anxious" Maggie a bit more. Kelly excels in those moments and is a lot more entertaining than playing anything related to Jackson. Jackson`s Fishman story provided a couple of good laughs as well. Seeing the interns share couple more scenes together is always entertaining, even though the show pretty much has no clue what to do with them, besides with Schmidt.

At the end of the episode, Alex traveled back with his mom. The push back and forth between Alex and Miranda has its perks and always makes me laugh. Them sharing scenes together is always a delight. I do hope the writers will have something good in store for both of them in the remaining 8 episodes of the season.

Yep, you`ve read it right only 8 more episodes to go before the season finale and the annoying summer hiatus. But before that tell me what did you think of this episode in the comment section below and don?t forget to vote in our poll down below.

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