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Good Trouble - Willful Blindness - Review

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This week on Good Trouble:
Alice gets roped into planning a wedding shower for Sumi with Sumi’s fiancée. Alice also goes on a radio show that her date from a couple of episodes ago runs. She ends up making fun of Sumi which doesn’t go over well with Sumi’s fiancée. I honestly just want Alice to be happy and to see less of Sumi and her fiancée because they are kind of getting on my nerves.

Callie tells Judge Wilson about Judge Handleman and how he has been known to be inappropriate with female clerks. Callie is really trying to get Rebecca and Judge Wilson to take action because she wants to protect the female clerk that we saw in the last episode. Rebecca eventually comes forward and Judge Wilson also steps up. Rebecca has a few job offers lined up and she actually ends up taking a job in Denver. I was actually starting to warm up to Rebecca’s character so I’m actually quite sad to see her leave the show.

Gael is preparing for his upcoming art show and trying to figure out how he wants to present himself to people that are seeing his art. Brian thinks Gael should reach out to the queer community, but Gael is not sure about it. Mariana suggest that he should reach out to the Latinax community because he’s an inspiration. Gael and Callie also gets into a heated argument towards the end of the episode. I don't really care for Callie and Gael's relationship or whatever we are calling it anymore but I did like that we got to see more of Gael outside of just him and Callie this episode.

Malika’s brother is back and wants her to reconnect with their mother. Malika agrees to see her and they have a very emotional conversation. Malika’s whole family situation is just so sad and heartbreaking that I get so emotional every time we get to see everything unfold onscreen. Mariana and Davia are just in a few scenes this episode but I actually really liked the scene with Gael, Davia and Mariana up on the roof.

Favorite character:
I would actually have to say Rebecca here. I liked how she finally really decided for herself what she wanted to do with her career and move to Denver. I also liked how she and Callie ended things and I thought that the letter she left for Callie was a nice touch.

Favorite scene:
I really liked as I mentioned before, the pool scene with Mariana, Gael and Davia. I think one of the greatest things about Good Trouble is the relationships between all the Coterie residents so I really enjoy when they give each other advice and are there for each other. I hope we continue to see more of that because it is like they have created their own little family.

Favorite quotes:
Davia to Gael: “Sorry, your house is made out of glass”

Mariana to Davia: “I’m so good at giving advice lately”

What did you think about this episode of Good Trouble? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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