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Good Trouble - Re-Birthday - Review

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This week on Good Trouble:
This was actually one of my absolute favorite episodes of Good Trouble because it just had all the characters interacting together and it was such a fun episode. It’s Davia’s 25th birthday that the gang are celebrating this week, and for me, it was also kind of fitting since I happened to celebrate my 25th birthday this past weekend.

Davia has decided to get the gang together so celebrate her birthday and Davia is certainly one of those people who LOVES her birthday so she makes this night out into a competition. The teams are competing by doing different challenges and honestly, some of the challenges were a lot of fun to see and some just caused more drama. Davia is also upset that Jeff hasn’t called her on her birthday since he knows how important it is but we do get to see that he did come by the Coterie but Dennis hit him and basically told him to stay away. I’ll have more to say on Dennis in a bit.

We also have Brandon back in this episode as he happens to be essentially driving an Uber except it’s called Coche. It’s kind of weird but it does actually make sense when we get more into the episode and Brandon has some of the best scenes in this whole episode, particularly one with Dennis. I really enjoyed having Brandon back and seeing him and Callie again because their friendship was always one of my favorite parts of The Fosters.

Mariana brought Raj as her plus one to the competition and I actually like how Raj has kind of redeemed himself and I hope that we continue to see this friendship that they have. If the writers are going to make them into a couple, I hope it takes time because I really am enjoying them as friends. Callie had Jamie as her plus one which does cause some tension with Gael and Bryan but also with Jamie as he wants to figure out what exactly him and Callie are. By the end of the episode, Callie texts Jamie that she wants him for more than just his advice and sometimes friends with benefits. I do like them together but I’m sure that there will be more drama surrounding Callie and her love life, which is fine with me as long as it doesn’t consume her whole arc on this show right now.

Alice brought Sumi as her plus one because she obviously still has feelings for her which is something that Malika especially is concerned with. Sumi later overhears Alice leave Joey a message where she tells her that she’s over Sumi but not over wanting a second date with Joey. She also tells Joey that she’s not out to her parents yet which she hopes isn’t a deal breaker. Malika took Isaac as her date to the “Re-birthday” so we get some scenes with them. When Dennis is not hitting Jeff in the face, he’s trying to figure out his next step in life. He previously turned down half the assets from his divorce, but he has a conversation with Brandon in the car and by the end of the episode Dennis says to his ex-wife that he wants half of the money from the sale of their house.

Favorite character:
I feel like this was really a full ensemble episode because we got the whole Coterie group out together so it’s difficult to actually just pick one character. I do think that we got to see some different sides to a whole lot of our characters but I especially loved having Brandon back. He was the last family member from the Fosters to make an appearances and I was really looking forward to him showing up. I thoroughly enjoyed his scene with Dennis and all his scenes with Callie and Mariana so I think I’ll have to pick Brandon as my favorite character this episode.

Favorite scene:
There were a lot of amazing scenes in this episode, both emotional ones and fun ones but I think the two that stood out to me were the Dennis and Brandon car scene, as well as Brandon and Callie towards the end up on the rooftop at the Coterie. I really liked the Dennis and Brandon car scene because we got to know more about Dennis but also because he seemed to really give Brandon some good advice which I appreciated. As for the Callie and Brandon scene, I always loved their friendship and when they confided and helped each other and I’ve kind of missed that so I loved getting a glimpse of that back in this episode.

Favorite quotes:
Brandon to Callie: "You guys are busy with your careers; I don’t want to bug you."
Callie: "Brandon, we’re family, there’s no bug at all."

Malika to Alice: "If you don’t risk getting hurt, you’ll be alone your whole life"

What did you think about this episode of Good Trouble? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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