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Good Girls - Slow Down, Children at Play - Review: 'I'm Going To Teach You'

The forecast for Good Girls this week was cloudy with an incoming chance of chaos. As the ladies brainstormed ways to get rid of Leslie on Rio's order, the solutions only caused more problems and began to show cracks in their partnership. Elsewhere.... Truths were revealed, Beth assaulted a stop sign and Ruby finally stopped groveling to Stan.

Pregs With Greg!

Break out your best blue attire because Sadie is going to have a little brother. In the most awkward gender reveal party ever, it was hard not to feel horrible for Nancy as her big moment turned into a disaster. The woman is finally realizing her dream of becoming a mother whilst her husband is screwing around behind her back. What's worse is that she thinks she has found a confidant in Annie who as we all know, is the other woman. The scene in Annie's apartment was a bit heartbreaking because had this not have been happening, these two women had great potential to be friends. I am glad this secret is now out because the sneaking around was getting tiring. It was high time this stopped and Greg ACTUALLY made a choice. Sure he told Nancy he met someone else, but not who it was which only added to her humiliation.

Everything else regarding Annie was pretty great. Does anyone blame her for wanting Leslie ten feet under? The man tried and would have succeeded in raping her last year had Beth not stopped him. Annie hides behind sarcasm and humor, but that moment clearly damaged her and we saw that this episode. That could play to why Beth did not let her have the gun, because no doubt she would have pulled the trigger.

I Am That Bitch
Of all three women Ruby has always and still does have the most pure reason for committing these crimes..... she was desperate to save her daughter. Ruby finally let Stan know just why she did what she did and it was a sight to behold. In that moment we got to see a fire ignite in Ruby because she was no longer going to apologize and grovel. She has done what she's done and their daughter is alive for it. Now this is not to say that I don't get where Stan is coming from, but he decided to keep her secret, so it is time to stop constantly punishing her which he seemed to realize by episode's end.

Knowing You Is Like Having A Newborn
Is it hot in here because that last scene with Rio and Beth was pure fire! Yes, let's just acknowledge that Rio appearing out of nowhere and demanding hits on people is a bit creepy, but while Beth fears he could kill her, he has never actually made any type of action that shows he would. Beth once again straddled the line between overworked mom and would-be killer and those scenes with Rio were delicious to watch. A part of Beth craves this danger, it is obvious by her actions but when push came to shove she couldn't cross the line to murder. What does this mean for her future if she keeps down this path? Well it could be bleak especially since Rio now seems keen on taking her under his wing instead of intimidating her. This type of drama is making the show much more intense to watch and I personally am here for it.

Odds and Ends:
* How someone has not attempted to kill Leslie prior to all this is beyond me. Also, if you've watched Prison Break did the scene where he forced Mary Pat's children to watch basketball and call him dad remind you of when T-Bag held Susan and her family hostage in season 2? Or was that just me?

* The scene towards the end with Stan and Ruby watching Below Deck made me giddy on several levels because they are on the road to recovery and that show is my one and only guilty pleasure reality watch!

* Now that Nancy knows about Greg and Annie, how is this going to impact Sadie? I doubt Nancy would be vindictive and kick Sadie out, but this is has the potential to get ugly as she holds all the financial cards.

* Why didn't one of these women think to trash one bullet from the magazine? Showing their novice side again!

* Did Annie speak for the masses when she said 'Who Cares?' at the gender reveal party?

That is it for now. What did you think of this ep? Let me know!


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