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Good Girls - I'd Rather Be Crafting - Review + Poll: 'Where is the stop sign?'

The girls are back and getting themselves into a much bigger mess as their universe of foes and accomplices continues to grow. There are also the personal issues that seem to be getting more intense for all three. Read on for some thoughts and let me know what you thought of the premiere!

A little too easy?

The cliffhanger loomed large in the opening minutes and Beth's choice was that she didn't really make one. I never expected to her to shoot Dean herself, but it was obvious that her hesitation to take out Rio means that he's gotten under her skin way more than we realized. Was the resolution a bit anti-climatic? Perhaps, but if Rio is going to stay in the game, I will accept that it was the right choice to have him come away alive. What was shocking is not that he shot Dean but rather it was a not a death blow but maybe a warning shot for the future. Beth's reaction of shock and relief in the hospital was pretty funny given that the man has put her through hell by cheating and lying about having cancer. This gun shot is a nice piece of karma for Dean if you ask me. Beth did bring Rio into their life, but only after Dean's behavior and arrogance forced her to do so. How they will move forward is anyone's guess, but Dean might be wise to continue to let Beth take the lead.

Girl Why?
Raise you hand if you're tired of Annie and Gregg sneaking around like horny teenagers? This behavior out of two people raising a teen is embarrassing. No matter what happens, they are not supposed to be together, it didn't work when they were kids and they seem to be at the same maturity level when together now and that is not a compliment. Gregg and his wishy washy actions are irritating as he makes a list and checks it twice about if he should leave Nancy. Annie being gleeful and giddy when she's a factor is quite nauseating to watch as well. I feel for Sadie here because her parents continue to put their interests above her and now Gregg is bringing another child into this mess. This disaster needs to have a pin put in it and soon because no one has time for these two to sneak around.

Husband of the year
I am glad the show is touching on one of the three turning on the other two, it was something that is interesting and realistic given that all three of these women have families to think about as they dig themselves in further. Stan's anger and suggestion that Ruby turn herself in first is hard to argue with, he's thinking of the family. I think it is also smart that they brought DNA into the fold as a way to trap them. Beth using her mouth on the pen cap has stuck with me and it was a clever way to usher in their next set of problems and weave Stan into culpability of these crimes. I knew there was no way Ruby would turn in her girls so the only prayer for Stan and Ruby's relationship to somehow survive was to have Stan steal that evidence. Was it fair? Absolutely not, but that is his way of safeguarding his family now that he knows. This could go the opposite direction and ultimately spell the end of their family, but in a show like this, the dominos have to keep getting lined up before everything falls.

The Fed and The Creep
Jim Turner, our resident FED is still around and I was kind of annoyed in his new partner choice of Leslie. I am so tired of that revolting pest, and now he is helping law enforcement to pin our ladies. Leslie proved once again how gross he is with Mary Pat and I desperately need to him to get some comeuppance for everything he's done to women he can dominate by manipulation and gas lighting. Jim using him was a dirty play, but it makes sense if he wants to nail down Beth, Ruby and Annie for crimes he now is certain they are committing. Their circle of enemies is getting larger with more complications to come.

Odds and Ends:
* Rio has a new task for the ladies to kill Leslie. This makes me want them to peel back the veil and show him on his own and reveal how he gets this information.

* I was very happy the girls didn't destroy all that DNA and the rape kits stopped them. There has to be some line.

* Rio is a father, I don't remember that being revealed last year.

* The Starbucks scene with Ruby was hilarious. Retta and those comedic chops always make me happy.

So what are your thoughts? Was the cliffhanger too easy? Let me know!

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