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Fleabag - Season 2 Episode 4 - Review

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One of the perks of having a friend who's a priest, is surely to go robe-shopping with him as you would with any of your friends for work clothes, except wilder (on a color palette level, anyway). "Sometimes I worry I’m only in it for the outfits" I'm sure he is, that is wayyy too much talk about plum and going to Rome to get an outfit. Another perk (or is it) is almost hooking up with him in God's own house and promptly being interrupted by a painting falling down. Talk about a divine intervention! This episode of Fleabag wastes no time in picking up where we left off, so let's dig in!

A Boo shaped-void

Not many people know what happened to Boo and Fleabag's unwilling role in it. But as The Priest gets closer to her, and wants to know how the cafe came to be and why, exactly, it's covered in pictures of a guinea pig, it becomes obvious how uncomfortable Fleabag is, and that she hasn't grieved or come to terms with her best friend's death. Then again, why is one supposed to come to terms with that kind of event... I don't know. Fleabag should ask for some additional councelling coupons from Dad, maybe for Christmas?
The Priest is actually the first, and only, person who realizes Fleabag talks to herself (and us, her audience) during every day interactions and thus breaking the fourth wall. This reminds me of JD on Scrubs during his internal monologues/vivid daydreams about other people and situations, just looking into the void while people went about their way around him. He and Fleabag should meet, it would be a treat.
As The Priest tries to get to know Fleabag though, she shuts him down and awkwardly throws him out of the café, with no explanation whatsoever, leaving both of their tea cups full. That drives me crazy, it's so wasteful and they looked delicious! At least take a sip before you flee, or take it with you in a to go cup. As The Priest leaves, I couldn't help but notice the "Chatty Wednesdays" sign hanging on the wall, so it is a thing! (A thing of nightmares, but a thing nonetheless)

Godmother is indeed "a bit silly"

Fleebag runs off to the safety of her appartment (never underestimate the power of being at home, snuggled on your couch where no one/nothing can hurt you anymore by bringing up painful memories you don't want to face), and we're presented with flashbacks from her and Claire's mother's funeral. I wish we could've met their mom, she had "the funny gene" and she sounds a lot like Fleabag, while Claire took after their father.
On this day of all days, Fleabag's skin is dewy, her hair is chic, and she generally looks wonderful, to the Claire and her's despair. Who wants to look ravishing at a funeral for someone you cared so deeply about? Even more offensive (to Claire, anyway), Fleabag is sampling some of the hors d'oeuvres that are being served. "How can you eat?!" Listen Claire, it's called comfort food for a REASON, let Fleabag drown her sorrows in peace, for once!

Godmother is being her usualy delightful/horrific self by reminding the sisters this isn't even the worst of it, just wait until everyone stops asking how you are in a few weeks and everything calms down! Then, it'll truly be awful! But they can count on her though, what a relief.

I will always be there for you. Always, ALWAYS. Now I’ve got to check on the sausage rolls.

Confessing your way to Hell

Back to present day, Fleabag actually turns to the church to reflect on her grief for Boo... until JLo's "Jenny from the block" starts playing at full volume, making it impossible to concentrate. Fleabag wanders over to the source of the music, only to find The Priest who is decidedly not in bed although it's 9:45pm. Outrageous. One things (or rather drink) leads to another, and The Priest clearly has noticed Fleabag's interest in him, and is flirting along with her. The painting interrupting their hook up does seem to throw him quite a bit, so who knows how this'll shape the future.

Will he regret it and repent to an inch of his life? Or will he throw caution (and his...vows I guess) to the wind and give in to temptation? Godmother is going to have a field day with this, I'm assuming the wedding is almost upon us and I can't wait.
Another week, another excellent episode. What did you guys think? Will Fleabag ever really adress Boo's suicide? Will she end up becoming a nun? (Stranger things have happened, honestly).
See you all next week!

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