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Fam - Jojo Returns - Review

Shannon's ex-boyfriend, Jojo, returns! Jojo is a DJ whose only passion is "pretty women". Basically, he's a liar and a cheater. He already cheated on Shannon once in the past but she gives him another shot because she's a teenage girl and they're prone to mistakes. Plus she knows dating him will drive Clem and Nick crazy and she certainly excels at doing that.

Cr: Ron P. Jaffe/CBS
At first, Clem and Nick try reverse psychology. If they pretend to love Jojo, surely the thrill of dating him will wear off! But Shannon is wise to their plan before they even begin. They wind up not having to wait long him to mess up of his own accord though when he blatantly hits on Clem.

Shannon feigns disbelief, since Clem commonly thinks people are hitting on her that really aren't (like when she thought the barista was calling her Hot Vanilla when in reality it was the name of her drink being called out!) So in order to prove it to her sister, Clem enlists her father's help to put Jojo under surveillance.

The scheme goes sideways fast when Freddy brings one of his two girlfriends along and the other girlfriend shows up in the middle of the entire charade. His cheating ways are revealed before Jojo's can be but then Clem finds out Shannon had already dumped Jojo a day earlier.

Cr. Ron P. Jaffe/CBS
Why? Because #BelieveAllWomen. Shannon knew Clem wasn't lying, she was just frustrated by the fact everyone hits on Clem. The two bond over their past and future boyfriend mistakes. Clem wants Shannon to learn from hers, since she dated plenty of "Jojos" in her time, but Shannon claims thats a good thing. It'll make her appreciate the real thing so much more - like Clem does with Nick!

And speaking of Clem and Nick's relationship, poor Rose never gets to fully enjoy her relaxation silks. After achieving harmony in the wedding seating chart, Nick upsets her delicate creation by inviting two more people to the wedding, the Dean and his wife. He does it as a ploy to get a bigger office since his barely has room to breathe, nonetheless work comfortably.

Cr. Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Rose redoes the chart only for Nick to mess it up again when the Dean informs him his family will be in town and Nick then feels obligated to invite them too. Luckily, Nick eventually finds out his boss actually hates wedding and will gladly hand him the bigger office as long as Nick promises to exclude him from everything in the future. Everyone wins! Except Rose, who might still have lost out on her beautiful wedding tree.

Favorite Lines

Shannon: Oh, my God, Clem, the barista was not hitting on you.
Clem: He was, Shannon. He kept smiling, making small talk. He called me Hot Vanilla.
Shannon: Because that's what you ordered.

Rose: You know what? I'm gonna take off my relaxation silks and put on my "what the hell did I do to deserve this" pants!

Shannon: I honestly think that that whole getting his head stuck in a banister thing was it was a real wake-up call for him.

Linda: Can I get the steak?
Freddy: No. You know the drill. Chicken or cheaper.

A new episode of Fam titled "Ocean View" premieres March 7th on CBS.

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