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Doom Patrol - Therapy Patrol - Review

This is somewhat of a bottle episode for Doom Patrol this week. The group is forced into an impromptu therapy session of sorts, lead, surprisingly, by Cliff. The episode begins with them in the thick of it, arguing and trying to talk about particular emotions and instances of trauma before flashing back to walk us through how each character got to this point.

First is Rita. We go back to the days when she was a little girl and had the chance to meet her idol, an apathetic film star who has long since lost her love of the craft. In the present, Rita collapses into her blob like form and slinks down into the vents and piping of the manor before emerging in the basement. She has to figure out a way to get herself pieced back together for the team meeting Cyborg calls and struggles with seeing an empty baby crib.

Next is Larry, the spirit takes him down memory lane to a specific day in his past where he heard his parents arguing over the fact he is gay. He was forced to listen in on his father's hateful language and their disappointment at the prospect someone could think their son as anything other than straight. Then Larry is forced to re-live a day with the guy he was in love with. But the details are wrong. He tells this to the spirit who then returns him to the time with the correct details. He's told to enjoy the moment, and he tries too, realizing the spirit is forcing him to reconcile something within himself.

Jane's flashback is to her as a baby, her creepy father looms over the crib before leaving. Then she has something of a mental breakdown in the present. She fights with her alters and gets frustrated over the tapes of herself speaking with Niles. The Hangman's Daughter paints a disturbing picture of all of them dead, claiming it was what Mr. Nobody showed her in the donkey a few episodes ago.

Victor is forced to recall his memories of dislocating his shoulder as a boy and the accident that killed his mother. While Cliff has to confront Bump about Clara. In his hallucinatory state, he believes he took the bus and drove to Bump's house where he tells Cliff about his daughter being a burden on his life. In reality, Cliff is having the biggest mental breakdown of all.

During the "team meeting" Cliff goes on a rant and starts to lose further touch with reality. Everyone begins fighting and Cliff tries to storm off before he drops to the floor and begins to convulse. A rat emerges from his robotic body.

The rat too, has a name. Admiral Whiskers. Cliff ran over his mother (6 episodes ago) and Mr. Nobody coaxed him into seeking revenge. Hence why he showed up, infiltrated Cliff's body, and drove him mad. At present, Cliff appears dead, though I'm guessing they'll revive him. Who knows what havoc Admiral Whiskers wreaked inside his body?

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