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Deadly Class - Sink With California - Review + POLL

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We've reached the final chapter of Deadly Class's debut season. When we left off with the gang at the end of last week's episode they were preparing to infiltrate Chester's fortress of redneck horrors and that's pretty much where we begin this week.

Executing their plan to break in and take out Chester, Saya, Marcus, and Lex go in and are dismayed to find an eerily quiet setting. At least until Lex triggers a trap by accident and all hell breaks loose. Soon hillbillies are crawling out of every corner of the house and they're all coming for Marcus. Chester himself makes his grand appearance sporting rapid-firing guns (I'm not going to pretend I can identify gun makes and models). He gives his team orders to kill everyone except Marcus, he has big plans for him.

Photo Credit: Katie Yu/SYFY
Saya almost gets killed by one of the women in the house, until Maria shows up like a ghost in the window frame, except, she doesn't lift a finger to help Saya. By the time Saya is back on her feet again she's livid at her former best friend for not coming through for her. Maria knows Saya slept with Marcus and the two get into a giant fight in the middle of all the chaos.

Honestly, I was super disappointed by their arc. I'm not sure if it happened in the graphic novels but even if it did, point blank, it sucks. I don't want to watch another boring story about two best girl friends getting into a fight about a guy. It's stale. I love Marcus, Saya, and Maria, but this love triangle is a major setback to the show and their characters.

Photo Credit: Katie Yu/SYFY
Regardless, ultimately, they're not trying to kill each other. Especially when two more of Chester's hench-people show up with pitchforks and one dude who is just really big and not easy to take down.

Billy and Petra bust in to save the day, having had another almost-kiss outdoors before the signal went off triggering them to blow the door off and help out. But Billy's blow darts don't do much to the giant overall-wearing guy. Ultimately, it's Petra who kills him with some kind of acid bomb.

She and Billy also save Lex and the three of them get a sweet moment. See, here's a love triangle I find more interesting because it doesn't follow the regular norms of TV romance! Except I knew, the moment this scene happened, it was hinting at the death of one of the trio members. More on this later.

Photo Credit: Katie Yu/SYFY
Reaching her breaking point, Saya decides she's done with Maria, Marcus, and everything else she's been dragged into. She doesn't want to be responsible for cleaning up anymore messes.

Little do the others realize, Marcus has been taken by Chester who has him tied up and ready to perform on his weird self-taped talk show in the basement. He wants Marcus to admit on camera that it was Chester who caused the orphanage fire and that Marcus stole his thunder. He underestimates Marcus's manipulation tactics. Marcus is excellent at it. He almost persuades Chester to give up on his entire crusade until he throws a brick at him and the chase ensues.

Photo Credit: Katie Yu/SYFY
Chester pummels Marcus to the floor and Marcus lets loose the hounds, literally. Considering Chester's known extracurricular activities, it's no wonder the dogs were hungry for payback. One of them chows down and I suppose, Chester is dead? Gotta admit, his villain arc was pretty anti-climatic if that truly is the end for him.

Reunited, Maria and Marcus meet up and have an emotionally charged conversation while retrieving Chico's head. She doesn't believe Marcus ever loved her, and I'm not sure if I do either. He argues that he did but he started to feel like their relationship was an obligation. It's clearly complicated.

Photo Credit: Katie Yu/SYFY
Neither of them get any closure as they stumble out of the house and run into El Diablo himself who sees Marcus holding his son's head. Poor Lex runs out in the alley and gets shot dead on sight by one of El Diablo's henchmen and that's the cliffhanger we're left on! Please renew the show SYFY.

Outside of the teenage madness this week, poor Master Lin is running for his and his daughter's life. His storyline is super upsetting I definitely cried a few times for him and his daughter. They do end up escaping the assassin Diablo sent for him but only to wind up in Gao's hands. She drags Lin's daughter away from him, saying she's going to take her to the temple, while leaving Lin, helpless to stop her, on the floor.

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