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Deadly Class - Kids of the Black Hole - Review

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We've reached the penultimate episode of Deadly Class's first season and this episode is the setting-up portion to the final chapter of this first arc. (Currently we haven't heard yet if SYFY is going to renew the series but fingers crossed!)

Episode 9 was all about putting a plan into motion to finally take down Chester. After some recon, we learn Chester has been holed up in Shabnam's family home. Is Shabnam the one informing on his classmates? Most likely. He did supply Gao with Marcus's journal in the previous episode. If he's not intentionally ratting them out, he could be doing it without realizing.

Marcus, Saya, Maria, Billy, and even Petra and Lex all assemble like a punk Avengers team to put an end to "Fuckface" once and for all.

Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY
Willie was meant to be part of the team, his potential future with Gabrielle and pacifism keep him from doing so. At least at first, but he does have a change of heart that brings him back. We can expect Willie will be back on Team Marcus in the final hour.

What does their grand plan involve? Lots of C4 and as many weapons as they can handle, for starters.

Before they can go crashing down the Shabnam mansion, they group blows off some steam at a concert. While there, Saya and Marcus give in to the sexual tension that has been brewing all season between them. They have sex out in the woods and Marcus wakes up in a hungover hell. He has to rush back to the comic shop where he literally shits his pants from drinking too much and due to the stress of both Chester, and Saya vs. Maria.

If that's not karma for cheating, I don't know what is.

Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY
Honestly, I'm not thrilled about the Saya and Marcus hook-up. The love triangle angle isn't of much interest to me. I like the idea of Marcus and Saya together but not like this. Plus, I was fond of Maria and Saya's friendship. I'm not sure they can recover from this.

Outside of the student's lives, Master Lin is waging his own battle. Turns out, Brandi-Lynn and Viktor were actually working for Lin all along. They almost get the upper-hand on Gao but she escapes before Lin can kill her.

Then he is summoned to El Diablo's place because he's taken Lin's wife and daughter hostage due to Gao's intel. I knew something was amiss last week when Lin and Diablo supposedly made amends. I wasn't all that surprised by this turn of events but the visual of Lin's wife being shot in front of him and their daughter was jaw-dropping all the same.

Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY
Lin also got the animated backstory this week, we learned more about how he and Gao were raised, making what occurred after even more difficult to stomach.

After Kimiko's death, Lin is forced to take his daughter and run. Diablo will be coming for him and possibly everyone else at the academy. Without Lin around, what will happen to King's Dominion? I imagine the place will fall right into Gao's palm and if she takes control, things are going to look much different at the academy next season.

The season finale of Deadly Class premieres March 20th on SYFY.

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