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Deadly Class - The Clampdown - Review + POLL

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Need a refresher? Read my recap of the previous episode here.

In the wake of Yukio's death, King's Dominion has descended into a chaotic atmosphere. Diablo believes the Kuroki clan are responsible for Chico's death, specifically that Saya ordered the hit. This puts her directly into harms way and she gets ambushed by a member of Maria's clan in the middle of a busy school day. The two former best friends are now essentially at each other's throats, both due to their shared affections for Marcus and because of their warring factions.

Lin initiates a lockdown or "clampdown" in the wake of Yukio's death. Two students have been killed and he is determined to get to the bottom of the story.

Katie Yu/SYFY
Saya is forced into a room with another member of her group and Shabnam. Turns out, the Kuroki faction is losing faith in Saya due to her affiliation with the rats and Maria, they believe she's gone soft because she's done nothing since Yukio was murdered. Saya vows to handle the situation.

As for Shabnam, he turns out to be quite the snake. He's been going through Marcus's things when he isn't home and he brings Gao a journal of his. She instructs him to return to where he found it for now.

Poor Petra gets stuck with Billy and Lex. Both of whom are clearly infatuated with her. She looks like she'd rather be literally anywhere else but stuck with them.

The animated story this week goes to Lex, who recounts his childhood growing up with two awful brothers after his mother abandoned him. His father was an honest, hardworking man who had his hands full. One night, Lex was tagging along with his brothers to the shipyard where they stole goods to sell from one of the carts using their father's security tag. They were caught by a cop and one of Lex's brothers shot him dead. Lex accidentally left behind his dad's card and the police showed up at their door to arrest him.

Katie Yu/SYFY
For the first time in his life, his father lied to protect his son and is now serving a jail sentence that should have been Lex and his brothers. He's guilt-ridden by the incident and moved to San Francisco to get as far way from the memory as he could handle.

In order to take his mind off it, and because she's clearly bored, Petra proposes Lex and Billy help her cross something off her bucket list: a threesome. It proves to be more complicated than she intended. Billy doesn't want his first time with her to be marred by Lex's grunting face and they can't settle on a position that will make both boys comfortable.

Just as things heat up and get under way, the lockdown ends and so does the threesome! Petra adds there was "too many feelings involved anyways."

Elsewhere, Viktor, Marcus, and Willie share a confined space. Willie is bummed about having to stand up Gabrielle (he makes it up to her later after taking Saya's advice from last week), and Marcus is stressed about how he can get a message to Saya about Maria - who earlier informed him she was the one who killed Yukio - before they kill each other.

Katie Yu/SYFY
Maria, Juan, and Brandy share another room. Maria and Juan immediately get into a fight about his attack on Saya in the busy school hallways, his response is that he would rather face Lin than Diablo. He also informs her that Diablo assigned the task to him because he didn't believe Maria would be able to stomach it given their friendship. He also questions why Maria isn't more interested in getting revenge for Chico's death given her supposed love for him.

Taking the opportunity to stir the pot, Brandy acts on the tension in the room and gets Maria all riled up. She insinuates Saya is plotting her demise this very second and if she doesn't act now, she's going to walk out of the clampdown with a giant target on her back. Obviously, Brandy's motives are purely selfish. If the other factions take each other out, that's less work for the Dixie Mob.

With the school on lockdown, Gao and Lin meet up in the aftermath of Gao learning Nayah is really alive. She apologizes, sort of, in her way, but in reality she just wants to impose on Lin the importance of him finding out what happened to Chico and Yukio or else the Guild will descend on them and she'll have to take his daughter, "for her protection."

Katie Yu/SYFY

Maria is able to pass a note to Marcus but before he can read it, Viktor snatches it and swallows it. Marcus busts out of the room anyways by freezing the door knob off and escapes into the hall to find Saya. But, just as Willie foretold, he's caught by a very pissed off Lin.

Lin takes Marcus into a torture dungeon of sorts and canes him while forcing him to watch home videos of his life as a child with his parents. He questions Marcus about Chico's death and Yukio's, about Maria, and about the orphanage fire. Apparently, Marcus has a tell, and he notices when Marcus lies about the boys home.

Katie Yu/SYFY
I doubt there's much Lin doesn't know and he demonstrates this by forcing Marcus to watch and rewatch the home videos spliced with crime scene photos of his parents' deaths. He threatens to throw Marcus out of the school and turn his back on him if he doesn't tell the truth about what happened and Marcus finally cracks. The threat of losing his friends, the only people in the world he really loves and cares about, is enough to shake his resolve.

Lin tells him to say he lied, that he told everyone Chico went after Yukio and Yukio killed him to protect himself and the others.

The students are released to the cafeteria to eat and while there, both Maria and Saya put their plans into action. Maria comes prepared to defend herself against Saya if she attacks, clearly Brandy's plan has worked on her. Whereas Saya is prepared to kill Juan in a retaliatory move.

Unfortunately, Maria is next to Juan in the lunch line and she assumes Saya is coming for her and the two girls get into a giant fight until Gao puts a stop to it. I loved Maria and Saya's friendship so much this hurts my soul.

Katie Yu/SYFY
Gao has Maria escorted out, believing her to be the culprit behind Chico and Yukio's deaths. She blames her for infecting Marcus and Saya, and plans to have her executed. Twist! It would appear Gao was acting in respect to the Kuroki, as the girl who was with Saya earlier in the episode shows up after Maria is escorted out and gives her a nod. Is this all a master plan to protect Saya and get Maria out of the picture? Why would Gao be willing to be part of it when she doesn't even like Saya?

She leaves Maria tied up for the girl to take care of but before she can kill her, guess who comes busting in to save the day? Saya! She rescues Maria but they don't have the touching reunion I would have liked. While Maria does admit she killed Yukio (he did betray Saya when he set the Kamigas after her), she doesn't trust Saya. I felt crushed seeing Saya's crestfallen face and Maria walks out, telling Saya not to try helping her anymore.

Securing the truth from Marcus pushes Lin to pay Diablo a visit. The scene between them is so tense you could cut through the room like butter. Both actors are phenomenal in their roles as they tip-toe around Chico's death. Lin expects Diablo to believe Chico was killed by Yukio and that Lin killed him to settle the score, but he's unaware of the fact Diablo sentenced Yukio's death.

Katie Yu/SYFY
At one point, Diablo says Lin doesn't understand his pain (of losing a child), "but he will". Man, Lin I would have tucked tail and ran! I have a very bad feeling about where things are headed because it would appear Diablo might know Lin's daughter is alive (I mean does anyone trust Gao?) or he could be coming after Saya next. The two end their meeting on amicable terms but anyone watching it can see Diablo is has something up his sleeve. But we'll have to wait to find out since we don't see these two again in this episode!

More bad news from the evildoers of this show, Brandy and Viktor are all #TeamGao now and they report on Marcus and Maria to her. Viktor emphasizes that Marcus is at the center of everything.

As "The Clampdown" wraps up, Marcus makes it known to his group of friends how important they are to him. They really are his family, the only one he's got. Marcus finally reveals his big secret: that he didn't start the fire at the boys home, Chester did and they're all on a deadline until he goes live with the real story about what happened to Chico.

A new episode of Deadly Class titled "Kids of the Black Hole" premieres March 13th on Syfy.

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