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Charmed - Manic Pixie Nightmare - Review: "Really Hard Being a White Guy"

The 13th episode of Charmed`s first season run had the perfect dose of serious and funny. A procedural-ish outing with strong serialized moments was directed by Melanie Mayron and written by Jessica O’Toole & Amy Rardin.

The twist and turns in the murderous Pixie story were very well executed. Emily Bader was charming as they get in the role of Chloe. She balanced out the sweet and crazy well and her performance as she realized what she did under Zack`s commands was really touching.
The Charmed Team going undercover with all the Filmmaker students was filled with great puns and moments. Harry looked so weird (and cute) in those regular clothes. And him being under the effects of pixie dust was hilarious. The writers are doing a really great job exploiting Rupert`s acting abilities. He truly blossoms in those quirky scenes, while still being able to stand his ground in the strong and emotional scenes. 

All the "White Guy" puns were well placed and didn`t feel that cringy at all. And while I do wish for the show to be a bit more subtle with its statements and make them more through their storytelling and not flashy one-liners, I have to admit the "White Guy" lines made me giggle and only slightly roll my eyes.  

On the other side, the show didn`t waste time and continued to delve a bit deeper into their personal arcs. Mel and Jada`s relationship took another couple of steps with an unexpected cliffhanger dropping in those final seconds. As suspected a couple of reviews ago, Jada was adopted. Her parents probably had to give her away cause of her being half-witch/half-whitelighter. It was interesting to see Jada in a slightly more vulnerable state and open up to Mel. Their chemistry felt more palpable and real during this episode than in any other previous outing. Next episode Mel and Jada are supposed to team up with Niko, that should be fun and weird. central
One thing I resented during this episode was the reveal that Hexes are agains*t the Witch Community rules. It felt up forced to contrive conflict. They should`ve dropped hints in that regard earlier would make the revelation feel more natural. 

Parker continues to be a delight. Nick Hargrove is really giving spirit to the character and all the precious of moments he and Maggie share warm my heart up. The moment between Maggie and Macy towards the end of the episode where they talked about boys and trust was very sweet and another great sisterly moment. And while I enjoyed it with all my heart, I was like "Why isn`t Mel here?" Yes, that wouldn`t be really her type of scenes/moments yet I want her to share more sisterly moments especially with Macy but with Maggie as well.

Meanwhile, Macy`s path to get rid of her Ibi took a ghostly turn when Galvin entered the play. The scenes featuring Mama Roz and Galvin`s Grandmother have been amazingly executed both story and direction wise. Galvin turned out to be not such a dull character since he found out the truth about the sisters. Is this potential quest what we all want? Not really sure, let's see where the writers wanna go with this story and if it will happen on or off screen. 

Charmed got in a good groove and season 1 keeps a great level of story progression with each episode. What are your thoughts on all the recent developments? And are they working for you? Charmed returns next Sunday with an all-new outing on the CW at 

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