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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The Golden Child - Review

I’ve been waiting for Lin-Manuel Miranda to guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine for so long and I was not disappointed. I love that he played Amy’s brother David who is just as much of a high achiever and just as competitive as Amy.

Amy’s mum invited Amy and Jake for dinner with Amy’s brother ‘Perfect David’. David is an hour early and reveals that he has become a Lieutenant. Jake begins to choke and David rushes to help but Amy cannot watch her brother be the perfect hero, so she leaves. When she comes back David is being arrested because cocaine has been found in his desk and Amy couldn’t look any happier about Perfect David not being so perfect anymore. But to Amy’s disappointment the drugs were not his, they were planted by the Brazilian Mob. Jake and Amy help David catch the Mob, and all is good again. Jake and Amy have dinner with David and Amy’s mother again, but this time Jake roasts Amy’s mum about everything she has ever done to him and Amy. I loved this storyline and Jake going off at Amy’s mum was pretty hilarious. I also loved seeing Amy be competitive with her brother.

Meanwhile Jake and Amy were helping David clear his name Boyle was taking auditions for an undercover operation. At first Holt gets the role however, no offence to Holt but he was really bad at it. So, next Terry is sent in, but he isn’t any better and eventually he reveals that this is an undercover operation in front of the perp. But Boyle’s plan all along was for this to happen so that he could send Rosa in and get all the information he needed, and it worked. Holt and Terry were both extremely impressed in the end. Even though Rosa was the obvious choice for the role because after all she is the best actor out of them all I still didn’t expect this, but it was hilarious seeing Holt trying to act.

Other Notes
-Amy and David comparing their allergies and then having a dance competition was hilarious.
-I loved seeing Rosa act out part of her undercover persona.
-Lin-Manuel Miranda was a great choice to play one of Amy’s brothers and I hope we will get to see him and more of Amy’s brothers in the future.

Overall, it was a great episode which I enjoyed a lot. Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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