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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Gintars - Review

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In this week’s episode we got to meet Nikolaj’s biological father who was desperate to meet his son.

He managed to find Charles through his Nikolaj’s brother or his brother? I don’t know, the family line was confusing. Anyways, Jake and Charles allowed him to see his son as long as he didn’t tell Nikolaj that he is his real father but that didn’t last long. Eventually Jake gets rid of Gintar by busting his fake GAP company, but Boyle isn’t happy with what he done. He explains to Jake that now Nikolaj feel like he has been abandoned again but they talk through it and all ends well. It was interesting to see Nikolaj’s real father, I never thought we would, and I enjoyed seeing this part of the episode. It revealed a lot of Charles’ feelings about being a father of a child he adopted and how difficult it can be at times.

Meanwhile, Holt and Amy bring in an entomologist to help Rosa find blood at the crime seen using flies who, apparently, can detect blood. Holt and Amy are very excited about this however, very quickly they find out through Rosa that he is a fraud. The flies don’t actually detect blood and he was fooling everyone this whole time. In the end Rosa still manages to use the bugs to her advantage and solves the case. It was fun to see Holt and Amy be so close in an episode and act the same way, it was pretty hilarious.

Other Notes
-Terry was hilarious with his fear of the mites and ridiculous eyebrows.
-It was nice to see Holt laugh so much and making fun of Terry.

Overall, it was a funny episode which I enjoyed a lot. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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