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American Housewife - Insta-Friends - Review: "Party Like It's 1799"

The Ottos deal with the old green eyed monster this week. And they've obviously got a lot to learn.

Katie is being dragged to another of Greg's historical guild get-togethers, and she HATES it. So, when Greg introduces her to another historical guild member, Dane, who's invited Greg to hang out and do nerdy stuff, Katie sees an opportunity. Greg doesn't really have any friends besides her, especially people he can do history stuff with, so Katie encourages Greg to get to know Dane. Maybe she can finally get out of going to historical guild events.

As Katie finds Greg a new friend, Oliver begins to think he's losing his. Cooper posted pictures of himself at a yacht party, after lying to Oliver and saying he was spending the weekend with his parents. Taylor says that now that Cooper's figured out Oliver's not rich, he's no longer interested in hanging out with him, and suggests that Oliver try to get back at Cooper ala "Insta-Revenge." So, Oliver decides to post a bunch of photos of the one thing Cooper doesn't have - a loving family. Sure enough, Cooper comes right over, ready to join in on family dinner. Oliver accuses a bewildered Cooper of just seeing him as a "charity case" and slams the door in his face.

Meanwhile, Katie begins to wonder if he's losing her closest friend too. Every-time she suggests she and Greg do something, he already has plans with Dane. And Katie quickly realizes that not having her best friend around to always hang out with is way less fun than it's cracked up to be. When Greg goes out with Dane to the historical guild's "1799 Shindig," Katie gets desperate trying to find someone to hang out with. But, Doris has scheduled her bimonthly sex date with her husband, and Angela is busy watching Robin Roberts videos on Youtube. Oliver' free, but he and Katie quickly realize that their combined anger at seemingly being dumped might make them a bit of a lethal combination right now. Katie even tries to crash Anna-Kat's playdate with Franklin, but they're not having it. So, she settles for crashing another kind of date - Taylor's evening watching the meteor shower with Trip. Katie spends the whole time angrily scrolling through Instagram looking at photos of Greg and Dane at the 1799 party. Desperate to get Katie to leave, Taylor, plays on that anger and encourages her to do down to the party and show Greg that she's "way more fun than Dane."

Down at the party, Katie decides that the best way to win Greg back is through beating Dane at "mead pong" (It's beer pong but with mead instead of ping-pong balls!). She's not too worried about besting him. ("I'm from Florida. They teach beer pong in school as an elective.") Sure enough, Katie does indeed best Dane. By the end, she's chanting "Dane sucks!" as he gulps down beer after beer, and Greg's figured out that something is definitely up. He pulls Katie aside, determined to know what's going on, and she explains that she hadn't planned on Greg spending all his time with Dane. It's not hard for Greg to realize she's jealous. Greg assures her that she'll always be his favorite person to do stuff with, even if they have very different ideas of fun. They decide to go out on a date where they compromise - they'll go candle making for Greg and then they'll see the Rock's new movie for Katie.

Oliver also gets busy crashing a date (Anna-Kat and Franklin may have chased away Katie, but Oliver is a different story.) As Oliver pouts about Cooper leaving him out, Franklin notices something about the picture of Cooper on the yacht. It's from the 4th of July. Apparently, Franklin has a thing for themed napkins (which according to Anna-Kat, "makes Christmas shopping a breeze!") and quickly picks out the patriotic decor. Ready to get Oliver out of their hair, Anna-Kat and Franklin encourage him to go over and talk to Cooper. At Cooper's place, Oliver apologizes and asks him why he put up an old picture on social media. Turns out, his parents bailed on him to go sailing with the foreign minister of Dubai's son, and Cooper's too embarrassed to admit it. Oliver tells Cooper that he thought maybe he'd gotten sick of hanging out with him since he's not rich. Cooper assures him they'll always be friends, no matter how much (or how little) money Oliver has. Besides, Cooper's family is the richest in town, so technically the Ottos aren't the only ones beneath him on the economic ladder! With their little spat worked out, Cooper's soon back to showing up to the Ottos for meat-loaf and grocery-store goodness!

Random Thoughts:
-I feel so bad for Cooper's game-room attendant...poor, poor, man.....

-Best lines go to Katie, after Taylor tells her she didn't invite her to watch the meteor shower with her and Trip ("Well, I didn't mean to have you so now we're even.") and Trip, when preparing for the meteor shower ("Oh wait! Meteor shower! Better grab an umbrella! Always thinking!")

What did you think of how the Ottos dealt with jealousy? Let me know below!


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