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Young Sheldon - David, Goliath, and a Yoo-Hoo from the Back - Review

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Georgie really does not have it easy in this season of Young Sheldon. First, he got rejected by his crush in public, then his love letter gets read out loud in school and on top of it all he also gets bullied by Veronica’s boyfriend, Tommy. The boy is furious about the fact that Georgie is in love with his girlfriend. Sheldon gets to witness first-hand how Tommy treats his brother and just how scared Georgie is of him. Guess what Sheldon does about it? He actually sides with the bully to have leverage against Georgie. If Georgie won’t let him watch TV or if he does not serve him food, Sheldon threatens to call Tommy. At first, I thought that Sheldon did not fully understand how grave bullying can be on a psychological level but it turns out he seems to understand just fine. Sheldon almost seemed cruel to me in this episode. Sure, Georgie makes fun of his little brother more often than not but he never really crossed a line so far. Georgie never tried to physically hurt Sheldon or made fun of him in front of the entire school. This does not make Georgie’s behavior toward his brother right but it definitely highlights how malicious Sheldon was in the first two-thirds of this particular episode.

All people in school are now scared of Sheldon as he is under the protection of Tommy the bully. There is just one person, another bully, who is not impressed by any of it. Accidently, Sheldon ends up scheduling a fight between the two bullies. Turns out Tommy is rather scared. The bully is scared of the bully. A classic.

At this point, Sheldon realizes that it was stupid to organize this fight. Weaponized with his science goggles Sheldon challenges the new bully to fight him instead of Tommy. He then proceeds to use his goggles as a slingshot. He hits the bully right between the eyes. At the end of the school day, Sheldon finds himself imprisoned in a locker. According to his monolog, adult Sheldon claims he was locked in all night. Can you really imagine Sheldon disappears for an entire night without Mary coming to look for her precious little boy? No way!

My favorite parts of the episodes were hands down the scenes with Missy and Meemaw. After Missy borrowed Connie’s make-up to put on some blush and eyeshadow to look pretty for picture day at school, Mary is upset. Her daughter is not allowed to wear make-up. Not according to the school and not according to the rules set by her. Connie thinks none of this is a big deal which eventually makes Missy say that she wished she was Meemaw’s daughter. Mary is hurt and tells Missy to spend the night at her grandma’s place. Mary is tired of always having to be the bad guy/gal, while neither George nor Connie set any real boundaries for the kids.

Meemaw tells Missy about Mary’s youth. She used to be quite a wild young lady back then. All of this changed, though, when Missy was born. Sheldon was fine but when Missy came into this world the doctors said that they did not know whether she would make it. Out of desperation, Mary prayed. She asked God to make sure her little girl lived. She promised them (my preferred pronoun for God) if Missy made it she would read the bible and be devoted to the church. Missy lived and Mary turned into a devout Christian. Just as she had promised. This is how much Missy means to her. After hearing this story about her birth, the girl feels bad and her attitude toward her mom changes.

Mary: What on Earth did you say to Missy?
Connie: Why? What'd she do now?
Mary: Nothing, she was an angel. I dropped her off at school, and she hugged me in front of her friends.
Connie: Really?
Mary: And not just any friends. Heather M. was there, and that is a big deal.
Connie: I just gave her a little life advice.
Mary: Like what?
Connie: Nothing, just grandma stuff.
Mary: There you go again, being the good guy.
Connie: Mary, you need to know you're doing a fantastic job with those kids.
Mary: You really mean that?
Connie: I really do.
Mary: Thanks. I can't remember the last time someone said I was a good mom.
Connie: It's not a job that gets a lot of compliments.

It's not a job that gets a lot of compliments. Truer words have never been spoken.

How did you like the episode? Did you enjoy it as well that Missy finally got a bit more screentime this episode?

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