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The Passage - How Are You Gonna Outrun the End of the World? - Review

Of all the lines the episode titles have quoted, "How Are You Gonna Outrun the End of the World' has been the most impactful, especially considering the context of the scene it was used in.

There was a lot to unpack in the episode. Last week's cliffhanger left us wondering whether Lear has been turned into a vampire or not after getting Carter's blood on his mouth. Turns out he didn't get turned after all and it was merely just a plot device used to bring Lear closer to Fanning after being put into a cell next to his old friend.

Fanning's feelings for Lear's wife was subtlely hinted at back in episode two when he damn near broke down upon finding out by Lear that she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. I am glad they didn't focus too much of the episode on Fanning's escapades with Lear's wife, using only a couple brief scenes to establish their secret affair. The writers have a great sense of pacing.

The contentious relationship between Lear and Fanning was developed really well. The show has made it easy to hate Fanning due to how much of a slimeball he was as a human being. In fact, of the four vampires whose human lives we got to know, Fanning is the most despicable despite being the only one not coming from death row, ironically.

The fact Fanning put his blood into Lear's wife to cure her against Lear's consent was less out of care, and more of out selfishness, making Fanning that much more antagonistic.

The episode had a theme of who is in control. We saw that first with Lear and Fanning, in which we are led to believe Fanning has gotten the best of his old friend, revealing to him the relationship he had with his wife. At first, it seemed Lear was perturbed, but then in a very resonant scene later on Lear tells Fanning that he already knew and had resolved things with his wife because they love each other and were willing to move on together, unlike Fanning who was still stuck in the past. It was a very oh, snap moment.

On the other hand, we are introduced to predator turned vampire, Winston, who led Doctor Pet to believe he had control over him when in essence Winston had control over the scientist all along. This would culminate in a very well staged, chilling and suspenseful scene in which we see the doctor stuck in Winston's mind as he watched his real self let Winston go. Watching the vampire kill the doctor was actually quite satisfying considering how unlikeable the character was.

With one unlikeable guy gone, the show introduces another one in the big boss Horace Guilder, who really felt out of place. The guy is just too much of a caricature and I could not focus on what he was saying due to his distracting way of talking. Essentially this big wig is evil and has no conscious with regards to Project Noah

Last week, Carter was finally turned though in 'End of the World' we go back to seeing human Carter who the titular quote is from. Thankfully the man has kept his morals, or at least he tries to as we can't forget the poor lab assistant he took a chunk out of last week.

In a beautiful scene in which Carter takes Wolgast to a trip to his family home in his mind, he lets the agent know that he does not trust Fanning (and does not like Brad), and all he cares is about is protecting Amy in a very strong heart to heart scene. The titular quote when Carter says, how are you gonna outrun the end of the world before telling Brad his objective of preparing Amy was very impactful. By episode's end it seems Amy is fully capable of protecting herself with those new powers, Brad just needs to help her survive and grow.

I was surprised to see Sykes be the one to help Amy and Brad escape. Up until "End of the World' she did not have much to work with, so it is encouraging to see Sykes have an integral part in the episode.

Elsewhere was Lila and Lacey who took refuge in a convent, convincing some begrudging nuns who apparently did not have a good relationship with Lacey. Not much happened of significance here other than the end in which we see Lila get abducted. I am still waiting for this storyline to get interesting and explain to me why it is even necessary, but them being on the run and Lila's abduction is a start.

Overall, the episode has done a fantastic job in its pacing - giving equal weight to various stories per episode, without ever dragging the proceedings down.


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