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The Other Two - Chase Goes to a High School Dance - Review: #CHOM + POLL

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Need a refresher? Read my recap of last week’s episode here.

When we last left off with Chase Dreams, Brooke had secured him a date to a high school dance for publicity (and because she messed up fantastically with the whole Rachel Kline fiasco).

For Chase, the dance is an opportunity for him to be a normal kid. He already graduated middle school and high school on Streeter’s phone and he doesn’t want to skip out early to go to a Lil Wayne party, he’d rather hang out with kids his own age. I was so impressed with Brooke this episode. She is actually a competent assistant to Chase and shows some real maturity when Streeter fails at every task he’s put in charge of. In my opinion, she should take over his job.

And Carey finally finds himself lucky in love when he meets the high school’s drama teacher, a nice guy named Jeremy who actually appears to like Carey for exactly who he is. They share a sweet kiss at the dance’s end and although I don’t know if this is a relationship that will pan out in the long-run, it was a good way to bolster Carey’s confidence and help to think about what he wants out of his life.

The only part of this episode I was a little iffy on was the addition of Elijah’s character. The jokes about their obsession with Carey just weren’t landing for me. Although I am dying to know what Matt Bomer did to get on their list.



- One of the Instagram comments on Chase’s photo was “more feet pics”, this show is terrifyingly realistic.

- Ken Marino really does look like an old Backstreet Boy now that you mention it.

- I would pay to see Drew Tarver in a Marvel movie, Skip had the right idea. Also it’s so sad there is a running joke of him doing side jobs since Carey can’t book anything and as his agent he isn’t making money off him, (also because he’s a bad agent).

- Lorraine: I was just telling these boys about my favorite acting role. I was an extra on the pilot of ER. Brooke: If I think about that too long I could cry.

- Jeremy: It makes you want to sit and watch a whole football game? Carey: No, I guess it just makes me want to watch Friday Night Lights.

A new episode of The Other Two titled “Chase Shoots a Music Video” premieres February 28th on Comedy Central.

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