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The Flash - Cause and XS - Reviews

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Nora got her nickname for being excessive, and she certainly lived up to it and then some in "Cause and XS". Time traveling 53 times and altering events- where does the breaking of the speedster code end? Let's get to it.

Nora and Time Travel

Nora has obviously learned time travel secrets and loopholes from Thawne. She seems to have dodged time wraiths and the loss of memories. How is this possible though? Not trying to get in the weeds here, but Thawne told Barry that staying too long in a version of time that isn't the original one coupled with using excessive amounts of speed causes a speedster to lose their memories. Once the memories are gone, they are gone forever.

Nora reversed time 53 times to save Team Flash. While heroic, it was extremely dangerous. Afterwards, she admitted to not being able to access the Speedforce and being stuck at the same fixed point in time. Just like every speedster has certain abilities, does each one have their own unique pitfalls too? Maybe she isn't losing her memories. Thawne may have been able to teach her how to avoid that, maybe it's a plot hole, or maybe she simply isn't affected like Barry because of his special connection the the Speedforce. (Remember it didn't happen to Thawne; though he surmised it was simply because he was in the cage and not running.)

Whatever the reason, explanations are in order because what Nora is doing doesn't feel as tense and life altering just yet. Barry was told that he'd forget he was The Flash, and that the lives of the people he loved could be changed forever because of his actions. Nora is just running around in the past as if there are no consequences. There is nothing happening to her in the present to suggest that she should be afraid of what she's doing to her present day life. (Well, maybe Iris' paper launch date?)

Nora traveled in time to save Barry- that major point was finally circled back to. Thawne never told her he killed Barry's mom, so she didn't know all of the chaos that came after Barry traveled back and forth in time trying to stop that death from happening. Thawne knows all too well and is still willing to let Nora traumatize herself and the lives of others. He seems to thinks that he can outsmart the Speedforce and is using Nora to test his theories.

If he's so sure and he's changed so much, why doesn't he encourage Nora to tell her family the truth about their relationship? Barry wants to live a long life with Iris and his family. Why wouldn't he choose to go along with their plan? He wouldn't because he would know Thawne is up to something more. Thawne's connection to the Speedforce is not like Barry's. Whatever fate he is trying to avoid is probably tied to making sure Cicada is captured and Barry doesn't disappear- all of these events are like dominoes. They have to fall just right to get the desired result.

So far, how has Thawne helped Nora? He helped train her, he helped her travel to the past to find her parents, but since then what has he done? Sherloque has done just about as much if not more than Thawne to help catch Cicada. Team Flash came up with the plan to stop Cicada from murdering everyone the 53rd time. Will it be revealed that Thawne had all of that planned? That Nora was planting these thoughts and everyone was just picking up on them and acting it out? He keeps telling her to stick to the plan. It will be so fulfilling to find out what that plan really is.

Cisco and Kamilla

Watching Cisco have such a prominent role this episode only solidified why he is the one cast member who shouldn't be leaving. If rumors are true, the show will be less colorful and far less funny. The two of them on their 50 First Dates were so cute. (Even though Cisco was getting totally shut down) The fact that he felt even remotely compelled to listen to Ralph was laugh out loud funny on its own. Kamilla and Cisco have great chemistry, and can't wait til he introduces her to Iris. Here's hoping.

Defeating Cicada

A little concerned as to why Team Flash didn't capture Cicada once he was injured or use dampeners on him. Nora literally stood there while he was on the ground, and then let him fly away. The plan to capture him was pretty damn cool though. What was cooler was that Nora and Cisco had a sweet moment together before taking their idea to the team.

Other Things I Was Thinking as I Watched

*Cisco has THE best hair on TV!

*Barry was so calm when Nora told him she reversed time 53 times. The sense of urgency about the situation isn't really there. Guess Nora's hell on Earth will just be waiting for her when she gets back to her time like it waited for Barry. Hello Don Allen.

*Did Eobard conveniently forgot to tell Nora that he killed her beloved Uncle Cisco too? She barely flinched when he said it, and she ran straight to him at the end- willing to continue her crazy alliance with him.

*Nora is gonna go through all of this just for Barry to tell her she cannot sacrifice the lives of everyone just to have him in hers. The parallel to him wanting so badly to save his mother will help Barry to understand Nora's desperation. He'll forgive her no question, but he won't let her save him.

*What will Thawne do without Barry? Without him, he has no identity. The Reverse who? He needs Barry as much as Nora-maybe more.

*Nora acting like a baby is still BIG time annoying.

*The Flash being Flashless kinda sucks. When was the last time Barry truly went on a run? Heroes gotta hero...

*If Sherloque doesn't crack that damn code already!

*The take down of Cicada by the team was pretty dope, but why not run Cicada into the pipeline, freeze the dagger, any damn thing other than stand there and wait for him to gather himself.

What did you think of "Cause and XS"? Sound off below. The Flash returns to the CW on Tuesday, March 5th. As always, thanks for reading!

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