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SMILF - So Maybe I Look Feminine - Review

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Following her crazy night out with the Mary statue, we next see Bridgette nursing a considerable hangover while in bed with a very awake Larry. Actions that are clearly not on Bridgette's "curing the hangover list": reading to an excited toddler, or being read to from said excited toddler. Thankfully, the new custody arrangement (which is a fancy way of saying Bridgette and Rafi agreed to let Rafi have Larry for longer periods) is starting and Rafi and Nelson relieve Bridgette of her parenting duties for the WE.

Bridgette being Bridgette however, she bristles at Nelson shushing Larry while she's on the phone. I'd like to point out, again, that while Bridgette clearly loves her son, she clearly isn't the best example of a parent and really shouldn't give other people parenting advice. Nelson wasn't ignoring Larry or berating him, just indicating she was busy and he could wait. Nelson, it turns out, was trying to book a hair appointment on the phone by repeatedly yelling "REPRESENTATIVE" at an automated answering machine, as one does. If only you could book hair appointments online like you can do the doctor now, that would really make my life easier but alas... Back to the point, Nelson enjoys getting her hair done at dry bars, and suggests Bridgette come with. "Look better, feel better" and all that and she's 100% right. Honestly, I've always wanted to try a dry bar but they don't exist in France, so I really need to get myself back to California or wherever (some place with no humidity so the effects aren't immediately ruined). Bridgette's own current hairdo looks how she feels: i.e. ratty and unmanageable but she declines and desperately tries to exercise off what she binge-ate. Which happens to the best of us, who hasn't desperately tried to get in shape in a last-ditch attempt to fit into whatever outfit we'd planned?
Rafi sending her a pic of them all eating (delicious looking) pancakes puts Bridgette in an even worse mood, because allegedly Larry "can't have this much sugar!" (text she doesn't send out but wanted to, just like she wanted to argue with Nelson about the shushing). Listen Bridgette, you do your best but those pancakes are still probably the only real, kind of nutritious, food that Larry will consume all week, so let's not deprive him of that. After venting to Eliza (who, I'm sad to report, is one of those "don't know the difference between you're/your" people which disappoints me to no end), Bridgette finally agrees to come to the dry bar, at least to give Nelson an earful of what she thinks of her parenting techniques.

At the dry bar, where one can order a hairdo based on apparently any celebrity style, Bridgette not only gets her hair done, but gets it done BLONDE, and with an outfit to match. The blonde part comes from this random bride to be who's here with her bridesmaid group and who thinks it would be a good idea. I didn't, and I was right. Then again, this bride to be, Goop worhsipping, woman also thinks Love Actually is a good movie so I immediately knew there was no trusting her. She is right about self care being helpful when you're feeling down, though. Although I certainly wouldn't blame anyone using the "eating cookies in bed all day" technique. Sometimes it helps, OK! Both groups end up at a polo match (ahh, the horse theme again) but not before Bridgette corners Nelson and gives her a piece of her mind. Nelson's having none of it, as she should.
Things take a weird turn then, with the bridal party having blow-up doll replicas of themselves to take pics, the bride getting socked in the mouth and bleeding all over her dress but repeating she's fine, and Kevin Bacon suddenly appearing out of nowhere, telling Bridgette she has a way with his horse (Pegasus, why not), and proceeding to cheat on his wife with Bridgette.

As everyone will have guessed, this was just a hungover fever dream and Bridgette wakes up as her usual brunette self, texting Nelson that she won't make it to the dry bar, puking the excess food out of herself (so we can add bulimia to her afflictions?) and getting Larry back at the end of the day because she missed him too much.

All in all a strange, but insightful episode. What did you all think? Does finger banging constitute cheating? Discuss! Just kidding, but still, what a weird cameo from Kevin Bacon!

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