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Siren - Primal Instincts - Advance Preview

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No your eyes aren't decieving you and no I haven't randomly skipped over a week; this is an advance preview of Thursday's episode with my review of last Thursday's episode on its way once I can pull together something coherent on Xander that isn't just expletives.

The end of last week's episode finished on the ot3 coming together, and this Thursday's episode picks up on the morning after the night before. There is a conversation on what exactly has happened between them, how they all feel about it, what they'd all like to do next and making sure that everyone is consenting and not feeling pressured into something they're not ready for because consent is vital.

Thursday's episode also opens on a music montage with an excellent song that I will be trawling through the Internet to discover just who exactly sings it and what exactly the song is called, because the lyrics not only excellently fit the shows opening this week, but also the overall episode and the music supervisor deserves to be commended for some thoroughly terrific work here.

As you will now know from watching last week's episode, Katrina is not in fact dead. Her deal with Xander doesn't exactly go well because mermaids hate being told what to do, but Katrina is still extremely set on going back to the water. She's also extremely determined to take the others with her, which causes a bit of tension due to divided loyalties. Donna's daughter (sorry that I keep forgetting her name despite the amount of times I've been told what it is) continues to feel her mother's absence this week and Ryn is forced to admit the truth about her death which causes some issues between them two of them.

Another facing issues this week is Maddie's mum. Fortunately the show decides to spare us a thousand apologies, promises that she'll change, Maddie reading her the riot act again and leaving her mum to fend for herself, and instead explains how exactly her addiction has come to be, with Maddie simply pointing out rather correctly that she can't blame everyone else for her issues. The Sheriff is still MIA, and that's probably a good thing since Maddie, her mum and Ryn end up on a mission this week that takes a very, very, very, very, very, very bad turn. A line is very, very, very, very, very, very, very much crossed again, and the show will no doubt play out the consequences of this again. In between this drama though there is some humour as Maddie is forced to introduce Ryn to her mum and then Ryn has an extremely amusing conversation with her in the car.

Levi has a close call this week as Xander pays a visit to Ben, but will he catch Levi there? After Ben's paid another visit from a reporter, he goes to his dad for help which doesn't exactly go well, and then has a meeting with Xander who confesses his most recent sins and the two somewhat friends come back together for some sea exploration. What Ben discovers at the end of that won't really be surprising to viewers, but it is another dagger in the chest of how you can't trust your family, and look out for a brief cameo appearance from his brother.

Helen continues to bond with her relative whilst also resuming her duties as mermaid babysitter, and ends up striking quite the bond with our other resident merman.

Tune into Freeform this Thursday at 8pm to watch everything go down, and play very close attention to the ending........ It's quite the breaking cliffhanger.......

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