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Siren - Oil & Water - Advance Preview: "Mermaids Gone Wild"

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Tonight's episode of Siren slows down a bit on the action, and instead focusses more on character and plot development as the mermaids go wild!

Xander continues his father pointless revenge mission, and with every episode just becomes more frustrating and irritating to watch. His actions tonight are rather deplorable as he hits a new low in his mission to kill Levi. One person who is starting to pick up on his distant behaviour is Calvin, who is also more than aware Ben is keeping secrets from him, and unfortunately Ben is too busy with mermaid hijinks to pay attention to Xander's odd behaviour. It's reaching a point where 4 episodes into the new season, I have absolutely no idea what they're doing with his character. At the moment it feels very much like a rinse and repeat with Xander, and this plot needs to either pick up or be dropped.

Mermaids gone wild involves Ben and Maddie taking Levi, Ryn and Donna's daughter to a bar. It's safe to say that doesn't go exactly well as Levi tries to get more used to the human world and gets far more than he bargained for, which results in a bar fight. Donna's daughter also finds herself grappling with her mother's hidden past, and continues to struggle with the fact that she is gone. For a bit of light hearted comedic moments, Levi educates Ben on how exactly mermaids get together in the water, and Levi mimicking everything that he hears gets Ben in a spot of bother.

On the ot3 front this week........ Well there's one particular moment that the promo hinted at, but the episode is about so much more than that. Whilst I love episodes where the action is moving at a lightning pace, sometimes it is good to slow down a little and focus more on the characters and their budding relationships with each other, as they're all still trying to come to terms with their feelings. Dale isn't present this week, but Maddie's attempts at trying to continue building bridges with her mother ends up extremely badly.

Xander's lady friend continues to hother around in the background, introducing herself to everyone and trying to get an in on the conversation but without much luck. That's another storyline that I'm really going to need to move forward because she feels like a rather pointless edition to the show at the moment. And finally, Helen continues her bonding efforts with her relative. Whilst acting like the Yoda of the show is great, it's nice to see her involved in other plots that add to her own personal life instead of just being there to provide information and help.

You can catch Oil & Water on Freeform tonight!

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