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Siren - Natural Order - Review

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So last week on Siren, Katrina made it extremely clear she had no intention of falling in line and accepting Ryn as leader, Xander continued to be a massive pain in the butt, Ryn and Ben did some bonding and Helen faced from Ben’s mum.

My advance preview on this weeks episode is very much in progress, but first let’s dig into ‘Natural Order’.

I’m terrible with names so my apologies, but if anyone is wondering how exactly mermaids can be in particular types of water without changing, I strongly suggest you give the comment section on my last preview a read as someone explained it far more eloquently than I could ever try. I bring this up because Ryn is obviously now starting to feel the effects of being on land for so long without dipping her toes back into the sea, because the mermaids last attempt at night time swim excursions ended abruptly when drunken revellers decided they wanted a late night dip as well. So Ryn is getting weaker and weaker by the day, trying her upmost to hide it from Katrina because she knows if she sees her weak, she will try to attack and kill her, and you can probably guess what happened because DRAMA!!

Honestly it’d be really easy and far too simplistic to just hate Katrina, or indeed any characters on the show because everything is so complex. Ryn has evolved since the show began and maybe become a little too human, whilst the rest of the mermaids are all still very wild and don’t really have any intention to give in to the human way, and that’s again understandable when you consider the history between them. It didn’t really take much for Katrina to cotton onto the fact that Ryn was getting weaker, and try to use that opportunity to take her down, she just didn’t count on Ben’s interception somewhat helping Ryn to over-power her.

Ben’s relationship and feelings for Ryn are extremely complicated, but I think the show is still making it very clear that whatever feelings he had for her originally have been heightened by the siren song. It’s essentially like a drug for him, something he knows is very bad for him, that he should give up, but he’s struggling to do that, and doesn’t know whether or not he actually wants Ryn out of his head. That of course leads him to be overly protective of her and intervene when she is fighting with Katrina, because he can’t let her be hurt because he feels for her, and that obviously led to tension between him and Ryn who was annoyed that someone was once again trying to act for her. It was an annoyance partially shared by Maddie, given Ryn had made it extremely clear to them that they weren’t to interfere with the mermaids law, and whilst Ben’s actions were understandable, the bottom line is he disregarded Ryn’s wishes and doesn’t really seem to care that much about what she wants nor the fact she is capable of handling herself.

Ben’s relationship with Ryn isn’t at all healthy. That’s something he knows, something Maddie knows, and what Ryn is aware of. She wants to sing her song because singing makes her feel good and she likes the effect that it has on people, but that’s only because she doesn’t realize the true effect it has because why would she? This is probably the first time she’s ever made proper contact with human’s, and I doubt the psychological effects of singing is something they teach in mermaid school. By the episodes end because she is incredibly smart, Maddie decided the best way forward was reverse psychology, and instead of trying to keep Ryn from singing to try and get Ben better? How’s about just studying the song to understand why it does effect him and even Decker the way that it did. Smart way of thinking, just unfortunate that because Ben’s head is so clouded, he ended the episode contemplating whether or not to listen to the song, and it shouldn’t go unnoticed that he was eying the laptop in the same type of way that a drug addict would eye pills. It’s rather symbolic really that the show is exploring a very different type of drug, and I also have to note the way Maddie was staring at Ryn when she was singing because ot3 gonna ot3.

Outside of the ot3 and mermaid drama, Helen continued to make progress this week. Thanks to Ben’s mother, it has been discovered that Helen does indeed have a relative! She isn’t all alone, and she also isn’t running a long con on Ben’s family to share the money with a relative she doesn’t even know. He wasn’t exactly receptive towards her but he didn’t greet her badly either, and I’m sure this is a storyline that the show will continue to explore as the season goes on.

What did you think of Natural Order? Sound off in the comments below!

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