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Riverdale - Bizarrodale - Review

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Bizarrodale is the perfect title for this episode of Riverdale or even this third season: things are becoming really bizarre.

The episode starts with Sierra McCoy and Tom Keller that are getting ready to get married. Kevin invites Moose, and consequently, he decides to come out to his strict father Marcus. Still, once in a while a little bit of realism, Moose is not ready and Cheryl almost outs him. In the end, he decides to come out and he and Kevin have sex in Dilton's bunker. I enjoyed that they gave some space to Kevin, the core four is always at the center of the attention, but lately even Josie has a storyline. Wow.

The Gargoyle King still can't stop creating problems: Sierra and Tom both receive a message and they are cordially invited to call the Midnight Club to reassemble and complete their ascension that didn't succeed when they were teenagers. The parents meet at the school to drink from the chalices, but in the end, it was a hoax. Craziness, once again, arises and it is revealed that Marcus dressed up as the Gargoyle King and captures Kevin and Moose. His purpose is to scare Moose, and he leaves Riverdale afterward. Forget what I said about realism, it was just a glance.

In the meanwhile, Archie and Veronica are fastly developing new love-lives: Archie and Josie kiss, starting a relationship while Veronica and Reggie discover that Jughead's mother Gladys is Hermione's buyer of the Fizzle Rocks. Mother and daughter return to Riverdale, intending to stay for good and, naive Jughead hugs them.

The episode was an improvement from the last few, but still, I don't get what the writers are planning for this season.

And you? What do you think of "Bizarrodale"?

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