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Quote of the Week - Week of Feb. 3

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The Big Bang Theory -
1. Raj: “What's $3,000 between friends?” Howard: Yeah, I probably would've just thrown it away on health care for my children.” (Julia)
2. Amy: “Sheldon, come home! They don't want to have your baby!” (Julia)
3. Sheldon: “Leonard, if you had food on your face, would you want me to tell you?” Leonard: “Where? Did I get it?” Sheldon: “Oh, no, not now; it was last week. I didn't know whether or not to tell you, but everyone was staring. For the record, it was right there. And it was Nutella. You looked like a hazelnut Hitler.” (Julia)
4. Raj: “I forget, Howard, does your father-in-law still hate you?” Howard: “He doesn't hate me. He's just disappointed that I'm not any other man on the planet.” Sheldon: “That's how I feel about Ben Affleck as Batman.” (Julia)

Brooklyn Nine Nine -
1. Terry: “How did you deal when Hodor died?” Jake: “Not well Terry! Why would you bring that up?” (mads)
2. Terry: “1,000 push-ups, that’s a lot to you?” Jake: “You go to hell, Terry.” (mads)
3. Doug: “I’m like the Hound and you’re my Arya.” (mads)
4. Holt: “To put the fine point on it.. Ya boy is turnt.” (mads)

Chicago Fire -
1. Chief Boden: “See, when you come after one of my paramedics you come after all of us. I’m just here to let everybody know that harassment of any paramedic will not be tolerated. Not now. Not ever.” (Jessica)

Good Trouble -
1. Lena: “OK, so it's important that we're excited about their first apartment. We trust them, and we're not overly protective or critical.” Stef: “Got it, and if their hair is on fire we just smile and say nothing. (mads)”
2. Lena: “We don't stop being your mothers just because you grow up.” (mads)

Legacies -
1. Hope: “What do you think it's gonna be this time? Hmm? Cyclops? Slender Man? Santa?” Alaric: “Well, given our luck, I think it's safe - to rule out Ol' Saint Nick.” Hope: “I don't know. I mean, Santa Claus is kind of terrifying when you think about it. Breaks into your home. He sees you when you're sleeping. Not to mention, judge-y. (mads)”

Manifest -
1. Grace: “Draw something fun.” Cal: “Ok, I'll draw you...tall.” Zeke: “Great, I'd love to be able to dunk.” (Donna)
2. Ben: “False prophet, a wolf in sheep's clothing - Matthew 7:15.” Michaela: “Look at the atheist remembering Bible looked it up, didn't you?” (Donna)

The Resident -
1. Nic: “Get out. I’m done, Jess. I’m done trying to save you. I’m done enabling. I’m done worrying. It’s enough. And if you die, I won’t feel guilty, ‘cause I gave you every chance. (mads)”
2. Mina: “Well, today is truly miraculous. Bell, of all people, did the right thing.” (mads)
3. Kit: “I remember a surgeon who took on the toughest surgeries in the state of George. Who gave hope to people who had none. Who had no fear. He would have jumped at the chance.” (mads)

Riverdale -
1. Cheryl: “Maybe we could start a new family?” Toni: “Cheryl, this is the most badass and romantic thing you've ever done. (mads)”
2. Cheryl: “Your aesthetic may be firmly rooted in the 1950's but you're a catch in any decade.” (mads)
3. Cheryl: “It burns me that there are people in this town that still believe being gay is anything less than rapturous. (mads)”
4. Cheryl: “You are the most important person in my life.” Veronica: “And suddenly I'm in an episode of Ozark.” (mads)

Roswell, New Mexico -
1. Michael: “I used to look in the sky, when we were kids, and hope something up there would save me.” Isobel: “I used to look around at the people of this town and hope the same thing.” (mads)
2. Liz: “You got better at that.” Kyle: “Oh you know, wisdom, experience... anatomy class.” (mads)
3. Maria: “Didn’t I ban you for life” Michael: “Mm, yeah, about twice a week.” (mads)
4. Cam: “Okay. Okay, but no drive-ins this time. I want expensive wine. Caviar.” Max: “Seriously?” Cam: “No. Queso, tequila, and no less than three orgasms.” (mads)

True Detective -
1. Wayne Hays: “Please explain to me all the hardships and tribulations of bein' a white man in this country.” (DarkUFO)
2. Roland West: “Does he remember why I'm pissed at him?” Henry Hays: “No, I don't think so. Let me tell you from personal experience: it doesn't do any good.” Roland West: “Well, maybe I forgot, too.” (DarkUFO)
3. Wayne Hays: “A 70-year-old black man runnin' around batsh** crazy with a badge and gun. You don't wanna miss that.” Roland Hays: “Well, I could use a laugh.” (DarkUFO)

Young Sheldon -
1. Georgie: “What’s a math emergency?” George: “That’s when things don’t add up.” (Jessica and Dahne)
2. Dr. Sturgis: “Sheldon's trying to justify his shortcut.” Sheldon: “Not a shortcut, a more elegant and efficient method to achieve the correct answer.” (Julia)
3. Dr. Sturgis: “I thought it could be a learning opportunity for you.” Sheldon: “What do you mean?” Dr. Sturgis: “I wanted to show you that being wrong is not the end of the world.” Sheldon: “Oh, okay. Thank you.” Adult Sheldon: “Dr. Sturgis was a wise man. It was a learning opportunity. And when the day comes that I'm wrong, I fully plan to admit it.” (Julia)
4. Ms. Hutchins: “Sheldon, why aren't you in second period?” Sheldon: “I'm working on this math problem.” Ms. Hutchins: “I think you might be the first person in history who's ever cut class to do math.” (Julia and Dahne)
5. Meemaw: “What are you doing?” John: “Treating him like a colleague.” Connie: “Do you and your colleagues make each other run out of the room crying like that?” John: “Sometimes, but we run slower, cause we’re old.” (Dahne)

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